Saturday, January 31, 2015

{Counting Gifts} Last half of January's prompts

17 laughter, prayer, quiet
A good belly laugh, over nothing really, as we are coming out of this illness, feels so good.   "We didn't pray our rosary." "Will you help me bless my food?" Lilly's prayerful reminders, she's come so far from last year when she didn't want to pray over meals. The quiet retreat found on the front porch. 

18 from God's Word
1John 5:15 And we know that he heareth us whatsoever we ask: we know that we have the petitions which we request of him.
1John 4
If we love one another, God abideth in us: and his charity is perfected in us.
1John 3:22 And whatsoever we shall ask, we shall receive of him: because we keep his commandments and do those things which are pleasing in his sight.

19 Might never have been
Life. 42nd Anniversary of Roe v Wade comimg up, Marches held around the nation supporting life, encouraging people, to see the person hood of the little infant in the womb, who is a precious baby. A precious person with a right to life. 42 years of people who by choice might never have been. I'm older than that, although my mother was open to life anyway. I have six precious babies conceived and born during  this tragic time, thankfully they are. 

20 Only seen close up
Hmmm.. This prompt is a hard one. Today I drove my sick daughter thirty minutes to her first day at a new college since she was ill and it was foggy and we thought it was the right answer. Then I drove home, a little later I drove back those thirty minutes to pick her up. It was priceless time together, I got a first hand look into the college, some of her fellow students, and a feeling for the different atmosphere she is immersed in this semester. We talked the time just us in the car, made plans, reviewed what needed to be done for the day. These moments are fleeting. She will drive herself tomorrow, if she feels well. Next semester she will be starting at a college further away, where she most likely will walk to class, and not need mom to give her a ride, oh, I am not ready to let go of this one. 
Maybe my proverbial apron strings are only seen close up, this girl is independent, strong and has a great sense of self. She doesn't need me, unless we look close. I think she enjoyed our drive today as much as I did. 

21 sky, water, memory
Rain holding off, water to soak the ground, even if it causes me hassle, having kids who drop everything to help me get stuff done. Nick- how do I forget his diligence? I will try not to again.

22 Wrinkles smoothed unfolded
Laundry completely done and folded, and put away. Silly girls always there to help me:

23 Found in Christ

24 three things blue
Cup tower, sky and Lilly's eyes.

25 Borrowed found, inherited. Food brought for reception. Bridle for Miss Betty's horses. Enjoying table dad made for us.

26 before dawn, noon, after dark
Prayers for Molly and safe travels to college on her long daily commute. Sitting on the couch with Cecilia as she boldly reads more than should could yesterday. Craig taking Nick to a scout meeting so I could stay home.

27 Three gifts in the kitchen
Coopers jalapeño sausage left over from Shnday's party to make jadra. Mac and cheese for these kids that didn't want to eat jadra. Italian spiced oil dip with fresh bread, with Apple pear to satisfy sweet tooth.

28 found in friends
Understanding, non judgement and unconditional love. Not too many years ago, after a relocation, I yearned for a close friend. I wanted a like minded friend: Catholic, homeschooling with a few kids for my kids to play with. I prayed for this friend. I felt so alone, even among other Catholic  homeschoolers. I needed a friend who was closer to my age, or kids close to my kids ages. 
Since I have been blessed with three very good friends who fit the list I had made, I also have two very good friends who don't meet the list. I am thankful for each and thankful for the times we have together and memories of visits I carry with me as life moves along. I have a few very good long distance friendships whose I cherish phone calls and even still exchange hand written letters. The best friendship experiences are with someone who accepts me, doesn't judge me or want me to change unless it's in my interest and my idea, who I know loves me and enjoys my company as much I enjoy hers. 
Prayers are answered.
One friend ship started when I had to meet the person who had a traveling Madonna statute checked out before me and she has forgotten to return in. We had a fun meeting to exchange the statue and we struck up a long lasting friendship and we couldn't deny Holy Mary had her hand in it.
My sisters are also my good friends. We take each other for granted, and don't stop and realize how much those texts, phones calls and visits mean. We are in each other's lives, there for each other's children. There for a quick question or more support. A friendship that is there as life is there.

29 song word light 
Bird songs, owls calling, the spring running. Sounds that fill my heart. A kind word spoken from one sibling to another, then it spreads. 

30 three old things new
Repurposed frames. Repurposed notebook into an annual calendar. Outfits mixed and matched to have something exciting to wear.

31 gift on paper, picture, in person
Our names in calligraphy for rehearsal, so elegant. Photos with the bride and groom and my little girls, so precious. Being at Joseph and Angela's wedding, so thankful to witness their faith and love and be surrounded by so many wonderful people. And to getting that ellusive family photo with all 18 grandkids and new additions!! 

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