Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Daybook with some Demolition thrown in

Outside My Window.... A beautiful sunny afternoon! We should be warm, close to 70 degrees. Glorious. Perfect afternoon for entertaining people from our parish who are coming out to meet our priest's mother and sister. I'm so thankful for a beautiful day! 

I Am Thinking....about Lent coming up fast! We're gathering old palm branches to drop off for Ash Wednesday. Ceci remembers the palm branches for me ever since  the Lent she was four, and she didn't want to receive ashes on her forehead, because she looked at me with big eyes and asked "Whose ashes were they?!" So now, knowing where the ashes come from, she gathers palms for me to bring. Future sacristan?
I also need to gather candles for Candlemas.

I Am Thankful....for my generous and hard working husband!

I Am comfy Chico's sweater and Target boots. I wore a skirt to Mass, thinking of slipping pants on for our afternoon party.

I Am Reading....about Samuel Champlain for history. And Church History about Charlemagne. We need to start something fun for literature.

I Am Hoping....for an easy car repair for a rear window of my car that has come detached for the second time. I imagine it falling out as I drive down the road. I hate taking my car in, I don't seem to speak the same language as most car repairmen. 

I Am Learning....relearning Algebra with Nick. I love it! 

A Favorite Quote For The don't bungle it! Enjoy it! 

One Of My Favorite Things....entertaining. I worried if we moved further away from our friends, we wouldn't have visits and we'd loose contacts. So a happy solution, invite people out ..a lot.. and hope they come: have food for them, drinks,a comfortable  atmosphere. We are trying.

A Few Plans For This Week....Boy Scout meeting, hair cut, friends visit, cotillion class, and then get ready for a wedding! 

Around The House....
Saturday we started an organized effort on the little house demolition, in other words Craig was there to enlist / impress the teenagers into service.
What a good productive team. They turned out to be on this gorgeous day.

"Hey, wait for meeeee!"

In The Kitchen....
Molly and I stayed in the house to prepare food for the reception. We are so delighted.
Father's mother likes simple home cooking so we are having Bbq brisket, my homemade Bbq sauce (I made and canned nine jars today),Coopers sausage, twice baked potato casserole, chips and Molly's Chuys creamy jalipeno dip, ranch style beans, spinach cream cheese wraps, and whatever another guests bring. Maybe brownies if there doesn't look like enough desserts.

I Am Wondering....About souveneers.
We went to Buc-ees and picked up some Texas souveneers to send back with our guests. The girls wish they had time to paint a ceramic mug with blue bonnets, but we will file that idea away for another day.
It should be a beautiful afternoon.

Have a happy last week of January!

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  1. Driving to San Antonio this week we saw one Buc-Ees being built in Temple and another new one opened by New Braufels. Thise bluebonnet bags are gorgeous!

    Live your pictures, Mary! You have such an amazing eye for those shots.