Friday, January 16, 2015

{Counting Gifts} First Half of January Gifts - prompted

 The blog started as a way to keep a journal record of counting gifts, blessings -big or small - on a daily basis. 
I thought I would try something different for January and use Ann's prompts. 
1- Three Gifts Heard: Listening to Max and Euly chat while they sort two huge boxes of Legos, organizing his childhood before he begins last semester of college.  Novus Ordo music from the 80's and I'm the only one in my family who knew the words. (Peace on Earth).  Listening to Ceci and Lilly play pretend together. Just precious and polite conversations.

2. Gifts outside, inside, on a plate: The call of winter birds across the pond, then the thrill watching then fly past the windows, narrowly missing. Ceci and Lilly playing dress up and matching. Sushi lunch date with Craig and Max and tried something new: Cypress roll. 

3. Overheard: "Hey Molly, did you bless your food?" ~Lilly. Dogs barking outside, led Molly to look out and notice people walking up our drive, neighbors we now know Brenda because her dog ran away NYE during all the fireworks. Listening to Molly and Ceci making dinner together.

4. Old, new, blue: Old space heater. Outlet mall Chico's sweater, cozy. The big ole blue Texas sky.

5. Reading,making, seeing: From Pope Francis:– “Take care of brothers and sisters who are weaker … the elderly, the sick, the hungry, the homeless and strangers, because we will be judged on this.” Finding photos and badges for ECOH display for Nick, especially considering these things come over time, places, we moved...! Happy to make progress. 
Seeing - Epiphany water blessed.

6. Bag, fridge, heart: Blessed chalk for Epiphany blessing from our parish. Yogurt on hand for a health snack when I'm hungry. Text checking in with everyone while so many are far from home today.

7. Graces from people I love: I love how much Lilly will needs me, calls for me to help, sleeps peacefully with me. It's nice to still be a mom for that level of need. Ceci's playdoh bunnies:

Molly's homemade ice cream in freezer.

8 husky light, reflection, shadow:
Sheila on the corner of our room in the dusky light. (Didn't get any other pics today).
9. Held, passed by, say withHolding Lilly in morning since she doesn't feel well. The beauty of the sun setting on our neighbor's fields.(we often seem to leave the same time of day to witness beauty). Sitting next to my kids on couch, sharing blankets while reading Sherlock.

10. Sour, sweet, just right: Sour moods this cold puts the kids in, but a good reminder to be kind, because they don't even realize how bad they feel.
Sweet: Craig and Molly made raspberry and strawberry jam.
Just right: Heb cake for the ECOH

11. Gifts of Mercy: Craig has the day off to sleep in bed trying to get over the flu. Molly made the best healing chicken soup to give her dad a good start on healing. Universal church offering us a late Sunday mass to fulfill our obligation.

12. Above, below, beside: I'm thankful for the rain from above. I'm thankful Max didn't get stuck on the ruts below. I'm thankful for the family together this morning for a yummy breakfast for their insides: JR's potatoes, my homemade biscuits with Molly's jam, sausage and fresh squeezed OJ. My favorite meal to go big and make lots of favorites.

13. Things about myself: Mothering my kids when they are sick. As crazy as it sounds, I have fond memories of illnesses from my childhood, which thankfully were few and far between. My mother stopped everything to nurse us back to health. She had cold cloth for our burning heads, soup on special trays delivered to our beds, fresh pillows, fresh water, brought us anything to make our sick time as comfortable as possible. Her presence was close by and comforting. I have tried to do that for my children, but I know I have not met the level my mother did. Fortunately, my girls now have that care and compassion for each other. Ceci hasn't yet been hit with this flu, and has run from room to room bringing water, checking on the sick siblings and father. One is much more vulnerable when ill, and so appreciative for love shown. I heard Nick utter, "I love Ceci" after she took him a beautiful tray of food. He couldn't eat much, but felt better having the love shown to him. 

14. Graces from God: healing power of human body. Forced sick days bring family togetherness under blankets when the heat is out (since we discovered we were completely out of gas and propane guy can't make it up the road). Gauging my concern level based on my husband's, he doesn't worry, so I won't. He is a gift from God to this worrywart.

15.worn, given away, saved. Molly's worn hoodie to warm my cold bones. Finally, the last two (latest two) boxes easy to go to donation drop off. Memory saved from 15 years ago Michigan to enrich our Christmas decor, finally coming to me.

16. 3 witnessed blessings. Sunshine. Warm temperatures. Being drawn outside by the miracle of beautiful weather, feeling well enough to get some things done outdoors to enjoy it.


  1. That is one messed up road! ...but one cute little girl sleeping! Happy you are getting sunshine! Nothing like seeing the sun!

  2. Loved sharing this with you!
    Hope you are having a healthy, cozy weekend. : )