Thursday, January 15, 2015

7 Quick Takes

7 Sick Quick Takes

1. Out of nowhere the flu took us down. Started with my husband, who never gets sick and never is the first one if he does.
I was amazed we made it all the way through the holiday season without catching anything. We were one week back into routines, and then WHAM...

2. As a secondary setback, we ran out of propane. The first day my husband was feeling better and wanted to take care of us and make breakfast, the stove wouldn't light.

3. As a third setback, the gas truck came out that morning, after telling us they never had a customer use so much gas- woah, terrible news! (It's not a surprise this house needs an efficiency update after sitting empty and has all these windows!) The truck made it down the road to the very last turn and then the driver thought he would get stuck. He had made it past the worse spots...but backed out back down the road, tearing up the rear differential of his truck, tearing up the road pretty severely. No finger pointing fortunately: like he shouldn't have tried with a full load, we shouldn't have a messed up fun fun.

4. My husband bought some lime, spread it and has been working with the tractor smoothing out ruts. We hope for three sunny days in a row and we will see if we can get crushed concrete delivered. Since we have owned this place, the road has been our #1 priority. But from what I've learned, if you put road materials on mushy mud, the mushy mud absorbs it and it sinks down, doing no benefit for the surface. Wasted money. And we keep getting rain before the mud dries out. So we need a dry road to work with and hopefully we will have that soon.

5. We do still have electricity, so things could be worse, we have so much dependent on gas, like heat, cooking, drying clothes, heating water...a hot shower would feel nice this fourth day of the illness. Small sacrifices for sure, we will survive. Fevers are on the way down. Space heaters are wonderful.

6. The sickness clouded over our disappointment for all the missed activities we had planned this week. Science day is only once a month, and it was a sad to miss, but since the kids were their worst that day, no regrets. Euly and Nick have  a class starting up for a cotillion and they have been really looking forward to and are trying to find a miracle to get them there. I don't think I can drive (hour each way).  I don't think I should go in public without a shower. Hehe. And I'm fighting a mild case myself. Nick still may be contagious so it wouldn't be kind to infect others.
Disappointment is hard. We need recovery time still.

7. I did not get it as bad as others which is fortunate because they all needed me at all hours of the night. I even heard from my older ones at all hours of the night. The younger ones slept with us. My mommy heart feels for my oldest who is in Galveston in his drafty old apartment alone. 
I think what helped minimize mine is the vitamin C, fresh squeezed OJ, Echinecea, homeopathic remedies and rest.  It never hit my chest, and I credit the strong attack of C for that. 
Then this happened just after the gas guy brought a small refill:

Glorious sunshine!! And it renewed all hope.


  1. Oh man! Hang in there. And yes! We had some blue skies as well. Yesterday, I thought it was March or April. Such gorgeous weather.

  2. Sorry to hear about the flu. We have not been sick yet this year. A little cold but that is it. Lots of OJ!