Saturday, January 24, 2015

7 Friday Quick Takes and check marks

1. This past week we worked on three big exterior projects and moved one of them from the To Do column to the Taaaa Daaaa column!

The gate- complete!

The front gate was flush with the street, heavy and hard for kids to drag open. Much of the wood was rotten and some of the fence was disconnected.
Craig moved the gate in a couple car lengths, so we aren't hanging in the street to open it up, and he replaced poles and the fence bordering the gate. The new gate is lighter and level and easy to open. He used some of the old split rail fence pieces to add a little something to the sides.
The hope in the future is to add a remote solar opener, but for now, we are thrilled!

2. The road- halfway done 
We had over 50 tons of limestone road base brought in to firm up the road that's been giving us lots of trouble from the beginning.  Craig originally wanted 80 tons, which would have been perfect. As it was, Nick and I were under a time crunch to get the material spread before the rains started again. (Craig was traveling.) Nick is so diligent and so much better at getting a large scoop fulls than I am. He has more experience. But I know I still helped make progress. We were able to spread it the distance of the trouble spots, about 600 feet, but we will get another load soon to make it wider from about 6 feet to 10 and have enough left over to fill spots at the drive close to the house.
Should I check it off?  Not yet. We were able to get it spread through the whole trouble section but didn't get it thick enough or wide enough. After two more loads, I'll check it off. We succeeded in spreading all that rock before the rain, and in time for the gas man to finally come down the road and fill our propane tank. Hot showers all around!!
There will always be road work, but if we can have people visit without the fear of getting stuck..then we accomplished what we need to and we are celebrating!! Two more loads coming up soon, after we dry out from the recent deluge.
3. Little house demolition ...only just started. 
We have been dismantling what is formally known as Nick's house, it was too full of rotten wood to save. A rush has been imposed upon us by the insurance company who wants the house less than 90 days. We are saving some materials for future projects and junking and burning the rest. Having the dumpster show up makes me think we're making progress. 

4. We also have a time crunch on us to prepare for a reception we are hosting for our priest's mother who is coming to town for a visit. A small group of us are so excited to meet and visit with her. She was widowed last year and we are amazed she wants travel so far. We want to have a big Texas welcome!

5.  We are almost ready for my nephew's wedding coming up next week. I finally found shoes for my flower girls and they were able to get their hair cut today. The older girls need dresses to wear, but that should be easier to deal with. I need to buy the happy couple a wedding gift too!! That should be fun!
Before - first haircut
After - four inches

6. Euly and Nick are taking classes for a Cotillion. The manners lesson part of the class seem to be nothing new to them. Nick said if you grow up in The South you already practice these kind behaviors. Well, ... hopefully anywhere :) ! Euly said that she doesn't know how someone doesn't / wouldn't compliment at least one person once a day. Apparently that was suggested in class. Have I mentioned these two are kind, sweet, genuine kids?! I love how much they enjoy the classes. They are learning new dance steps that seem to be pretty challenging. Their cousin is in the class too and it's nice to have them all together to a class again after many years since their nature classes.

7. We were going to wait for a special occasion, but we couldn't. We started watching the Little House season one I won from the sweet and inspiring  Billie Jo at Afternoon Coffee and Evening Tea 
I grew up on it, having seen the show long before reading the books. (a mistake, but there it is). My kids know the books better. So Euly can not stand Michael Landon as Pa, just because he doesn't have a beard. She still watches, with a critical eye looking for discrepancies from the book.  Ceci loves it all and can't wait for each new to her episode. I can't believe I waited so long to introduce it to them. It's fun to snuggle  on the couch with a blanket and watch together. 
Thank you Billie Jo!! 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sooo glad you are enjoying it, my friend!
    Snuggling on the couch and watching tv together is our favorite winter activity. : )
    Have a cozy Saturday!