Thursday, July 31, 2014

Counting Gifts- Lazy days of summer make me happy

So thankful for all the blessings, all the moments to pause and count the little things that add up and to realize the abundant blessings and gifts of an ordinary life.

5200 Texas summers
99 Anniversary weekend that starts with a note and packing instructions: 
11:30 - Leave for Lunch, Make sure you are packed for the evening because you will not return until the following day.
98 it started
97 Max to help me with my computer crash blue screen of death 
Not going to panic
Not going to panic
Not going to panic
96 Molly knowing who she is and that she is confident about it - beacon to others.
95 Traci's counseling time.
94 Friends who are closet feminists: fun, lively conversations.
93 All to ourselves
92 Friendly guy at pool chatting with Lilly: "Where are you from?"
Lilly: "America."
90 Max bringing Nick to work to show him future opportunities and possibilities.
88 Planning Sunday school
Gathering materials
Coordinating teachers 
Making plans
87 property possibles
86 Humid walk with Molly, we decided to jump in pool on way back to apartment. Cool, refreshing and a little rebellious. Fun times with my adult daughter, discussing college choices, career choices and ... boys. 
85 Clothes shopping with the girls- found a great place for church dresses! We all found a few! :) $$ worth it
84 Distractions at Goodsons

83 Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on me.
82 Seeing and learning about Mr. Collins' babies
81 A ray of sunshine
80 Good phone call
- like minds
79 There's all different special needs kids
Physical mental emotional
Supporting families
Loving those kids
78 Just Ceci and me time...I really love this girl, her own style, her own opinions and her heart! Kind and full of love.
77 Chasing geese....who can resist?
76 Caps...caps for sale..fifty cents a cap...
75 I love their relationship
74 Love her...every bit
73 Finding peacock feathers, knowing when and where to go hunting
72 A hipsta and a photo bomber to test her level of cooooool.
71 Inside family joke refrigerator messages and those who can take a joke and those who realize when a joke is no longer funny.
70 Snuggling with my couch buddy
69 Spending the day with homeschooling women, nice getting to know a few different mamas
68 Loving how different the world is first thing in the morning.
67 Fund raising success, and being involved in it.
66 Empty lap lane all to myself
65 Quick recovery from sting ray sting
64 Glad we resisted..gained five pounds just looking and imagining

63 A good answer..tide turning?
62 Built in babysitters
61 Husband who checks in to see how I'm doing.
60 Broke her crown...quick fix.
59 Snuggling squiggly girls
58 Lilly love
57 Receiving a signal grace, when I most needed to know God's love, through an experience Molly had, Thank you, thank you Mother Mary, I know we aren't forgotten... Just impatient.
56 Land swimming in the rain
55 School planning
54 Always right next to me
53 Texting Nick on his long drive home after his longest time away. thankful for long life phone batteries and for arriving safely
Back safe!
52 Dealing with disappointment of locked church.
51 Making it through another day: roof over my head, food in our tummies, going to bed safe and healthy.
50 Job  " The life of man on this earth is warfare."
49 Immitation Of Christ:
A good and devout man arranges in his mind the things he has to do, not according to the whims of evil inclination but according to the dictates of right reason. Who is forced to struggle more than he who tries to master himself? This ought to be our purpose, then: to conquer self, to become stronger each day, to advance in virtue.
48 Molly bringing home treats.
47 Molly's baked goods.
46 Being socially awkward.
45 Swimming

44 Regrouping our family.
43 Little ole feed store with chickens out front.
42 Hearing joy in Nick's voice.
41 Accepting the job answer was no.
40 Girls loving living country life (vicariously at Miss Betty's).
39 Blessed are you father lord of heaven and earth; you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom.
38 The Lord will not abandon His people.
37 Peanut m&ms: a perfect food.
36 Brain quest game.
35 Good:

34 Smell of chlorine on her skin after swimming....ah summer.
33 Tiny toes.
32 Road construction completed.
31 Not being afraid of hard work.
30 Sunshine on my face.
29 Good kids.
28 Waiting "patiently".
27 Late mass.
26 HEB Taffy.
25 My kids wanting to please me, "Mom, are you happy that I..."
24 Nightime parenting 4 & 18
23 The happiness in his voice
22 Hearing from New Mexico
21 Giving myself permission to miss an appointment.
20 Giving myself permission to sleep late.
19 Taking kids to mass.
18 Safe travels.
17 My mom and dad
16 Something to do while insomnia-ing
15 A natural
14 Braving the trail
13 Talking shop: breast feeding, cotton diapers. Good times.
12 Meeting Des

11 Visits with sisters
10 A husband who loves me.
9 Adventure a minute at DD's
8 Coffee and chocolate for breakfast: sometimes exactly what's needed.
7 Always allergies on day 3: reason why I don't live in Austin.
6 On or off.
5 These two cousin friends.
4 Cousin time.
3 Road trip with my girls.

2 "When we die.." questions from Lilly Where do we sleep? What will we do?...
5101 Rejoice always. The Lord is near.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Answer Me This: Car talk and Grandmother memories

1. What’s your favorite thing on YouTube?
Nothing comes to mind. Just happy it's there to find when I need to.

2. Who taught you to drive?
My older sister Teresa. We had manual transmissions and she taught me on her 1980 something Toyota Corola. Austin is hilly and it was scary learning the -let the clutch out - off the brake -on the gas at the same time, let me tell you. I never bumped back into the guy behind me, but I probably came close. Teresa was vey patient with me for the most part.

The first car I had to drive was an old 1966 Bonneville wagon. Automatic transmission, hit the gas and that baby would go.

Starting college my parents retired the station wagon, and they bought a shiney new 1983 Toyota Starlet for me to zip around in.

3. What’s your favorite thing to cook?
Breakfast. All and any breakfast foods, but I get the most compliments on my biscuits. I love baking, from scratch only around here.

4. Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? Why?
I like hugs. I try not to force hugs on non huggers.

5. Where do you pray best?
At night before bed, I get peace praying rosary as the last thing I do in my day.

6. When is the last time you saw/spoke to your grandparents?
The only grandparent I knew was my maternal grandmother and she passed away in 1997.
My father's mom died of breast cancer a couple of years before I was born.

Granny lived in Tennessee. We had moved to Texas when I was in grade school so we only could see her on occasional family vacations. She wasn't much of a traveler and didn't drive. She did come visit us once. 

Once married, Craig moved us outside Birmingham in '96, so we were practically neighbors. I spend a lot of time in Tennessee while we lived in Alabama. 

Max was an adorable four year old who hit it off well with my cousin who was getting married. He was ring bearer in her wedding in May 97. My grandmother was there looking beautiful and full of energy. My family from Texas came in and we stayed in a house up in the Assembly Grounds together. It was a very special week in a very special place. Wonderful memories.

I visited much during that summer since my husband was in Texas working while we tried to sell our Alabama home.  I had a great break while my house was on the market. My grandmother's town is an active train town, and Max loved trains. She lived down the street from the depot.

My grandmother lived in a vey old home, (originally built by a train conductor). Part of it a historic section over a hundred years old. She loved living on her own, in her own home, taking care of her family. One son still lived with her and others were nearby, stopping by all hours of the day. She helped take care of her grandchildren. She was very active and healthy through her life. She did have heart condition, and had had surgeries in previous years. But she was spry and energetic and would keep up with the kids.

That Sepember, we were in Texas for my dad's birthday party when my mom got the call that her mom was in the hospital and it didn't look good. Granny had passed away by the next morning. We all rushed to Tennessee to be with family and be there for her funeral. 

Back to the question...I had mailed her a card with pics of the kids before I left for Texas and she had received it the day she before she died. The pics were stuck in the frame of her dresser mirror when I went in for the funeral preparations. It made me feel a sense of peace that she received my card, my greetings and love that day, especially since her death came suddenly. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Theme Thursday: Trails

Nick's Philmont trip highlights
...a 90-mile plus of challenging and uphill trek on rocky, wet, slippery, and uphill terrain under rainy, stormy, hail-y conditions with temperatures in the high 30's to 40's. 

Nick had a great time! I am so happy to have pics from the trails to see his experience. 

Starting off at base camp..

Okay, we can't ever complain about bathroom privacy again. Agreed?
A welcomed refreshing sight.

Refuge from the rain. Two scouts over six foot shared this tent.

It rained on them most days in the mountains. Nick's rainwear was worn out when he returned home.

They had stops along the way for activities. Some were team building activities, nature conservation, mining, Indian artifacts, dinosaur footprints, build a railroad and work with a blacksmith.

The last morning they were up at 3 a.m to start the final trail to base camp. Nick said they were so happy they practically ran the last few miles.

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