Monday, December 1, 2014

Thankful for a special day for Giving Thanks

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We need to not lose Thanksgiving.
The day we set aside to thank our Lord for this Great Country!
Pictures first...

 We travel and split our Thanksgiving between both sides of our family. It's the only time of the year we see most of my husband's family, hosted by his uncle. We all bring sides and desserts, he provides the turkey and ham and his beautiful home.

Then we spend dessert round two at my sister Teresa's home where she hosts both ours and her husband's people. Some time we miss people because it's already been a long day and some have had enough food and fun and retired for the day. This year we lost a few to shopping Black Friday sales while it was still Thursday.

I hear arguments pro Thanksgiving shopping similar to when the Blue laws were slowly eroded in Texas, which allowed sales of non food items on Sundays.

But I remember Sunday's and Thanksgivings where stores were closed so if you didn't have an ingredient, you couldn't run to the store, you ran to your neighbors for that needed cup of sugar. (I'm under 50!).  I remember empty parking lots to test driving skills. I remember sleepy towns and sleepy roads where people enjoyed the home they worked so hard to fill.

We don't want a land without a Sunday (Read Story Here) or a land with  a day of giving thanks to our God. God rested on the seventh day, not because He needed rest, but to teach us, mandate to us that we do need rest, and fellowship and visiting with family even if this one or that one tell annoying jokes or to wash up a thousand times. This time is memorable and good for our bodies and souls.  There are plenty of days to shop.

Who does it hurt? The family that came late to the celebration and missed them.
The shop clerks and untold number of employees who gave up the their family  time to sell something that could be purchased any other day. Good deals come at the cost that erode the fabric of what and when we can give to God and He can give to us.

The stores won't open if we stay home.


  1. Agree Agree Agree...that shopping stuff is getting totally out of hand! That is a beautiful home! So weird to see such nice weather. We had the coldest Thanksgiving in 84 my mother told me. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I agree, it is a lovely home and we are delighted to be included every year.
      It was a little "cool" for my liking, but it's only gotten colder since. :) now in the low 40's.

      84 year low ... Just sounds painful!

      Have a great day!