Thursday, December 11, 2014

{phfr} to feel like I am accomplishing something...

I call it looking where I want to see progress, for encouragement,  instead feeling overwhelmed and wondering where I'll put all this stuff now in corners everywhere!

Six Weeks! We have had possession of our house six weeks, meaning working on it that long., moving for five of those weeks, construction for that time too. So I should be done and moved in, right?

No, lots more to do. Lifetime of lists. Lots more to find a place, to donate, to hang up or put away AFTER a certain amount of work is done. And good time to look for contentment?

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
So here I go, trying to only focus on those that offer contentment and not these boxes..
stacked to the ceiling!
or contents scattered across the floor...

Craig told me late Saturday Father was coming to bless the house Sunday. At the time I was sampling paint colors on the hall bath. So I had color splotches all over. Hung up the phone and with a nervous energy decided on the red color and painted most parts of the wall. I need trim tape to finish.
I am happy with the result.

The girls' flower dresses were ready so we combined a "trip into town" with seeing my daughter Molly, making a Costco load run and picking up the dresses. The girls feel like princesses.

I have been busy with projects in and out and around, and the girls decided to go ahead and put up Christmas decorations so we could put those boxes away. What a treat.

Outside looking in.

And Nick decided he would surprise his dad by have a load of firewood chopped, split and ready by the back door. Teenage boys - the best! And it helps having a helpful sister.

The real life, every day things we do when we aren't working, eating, doing school. We play, turn a trip into getting the mail into a nature walk, melt marshmellows and really enjoy this place.

These two play and work together all day long. 

I love to focus on this table. They combined two nativity sets, leaving all the characters discussing the coming Messiah.

 And it's the landing point to some of the books were currently have going.

Go visit Auntie Leila for a tour of her beautiful home.


  1. The flower girl dresses are so pretty....your home also!! Love the tree!

  2. Love those princesses in their bare feet with the wagon!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it's a habit we need to break. ;)

  3. The girls look beautiful in their dresses! Everything looks beautiful to me! Lets see--do you have a basement corner where boxes can be stashed? When we moved, if it wasn't necessary it didn't get pulled out. When you realized a year later how much you didn't need in those boxes--put things in perspective. And even at the 5 year mark, we realized some things we unpacked out into the basement now need to go because they still haven't been used much. Moving is hard! Especially with kids! Give yourself some grace. :) Your home is beautiful!

    1. Oh that's my problem, coming out of a house with tons of storage space to a house with no storage space: no garage, no basement, no built ins. So I promised myself to only keep what we actually needed. But it's overwhelming. Now, there is an overhead attic...and it may be my saving grace to give myself a break.
      Thanks for stopping by!