Monday, December 15, 2014

Late Fall Daybook

Outside my window...Sheila is on guard.
 The girls are enjoying the hammock, (the 2013 Father's day gift).
or maybe Sheila's just taking a break between snuggles.
I do believe that is a smile, Sheila Rae Grouchypants McGroober!

Outside my window...the end of fall. Enjoying every moment of it!

I am thankful...for our home and that our home improvement projects are at a holding pattern right now. The foundation guy told us we should wait three months before repairing the sheetrock as the house settles onto its newly level foundations. Any repairs done may need to be adjusted, so we'll wait. But
I am not settled unless house looks settled. I can't leave all the pictures lying around, so we hung stuff up and will take down when we repair sheetrock and paint after the months pass.
It's going to be a big ole messy job when we get to it. Enjoying peace among the scarred walls for now.

In the kitchen...

stove's been busy. Molly was here a few days and made pralines and chili and stew. I made a slow cooked roast on simmer that melts in our mouths at dinner. This time of year calls for meals with corn bread.

I am creating...a play area for the girls and all their playthings.

I am start Christmas shopping this week! I hope. I was reminded by an anxious child that Christmas is next Thursday after all, I should get busy! Oh, at least  I'll start a list today.
I'm thinking of braving the American Girl store at some point. Sooner might be better!

I am reading...Christmas books to Lilly. We are also reading through the Anne farm book series  by Anne Pelowski and some Sherlock Holmes. 

I am watching...nothing. No tv hooked up. If no one else is using Internet, we can watch Netflix. Lags make it not worth it for me, #countrylife

I am listening to...Christmas music on my Sonos system, tuned to Classic Christmas radio right now. 

I am looking forward kids finishing finals, and coming home to enjoy time off between semesters.

I am thinking ... Molly and I will go on a campus visit to Blinn and Texas A&M before she gets busy with classes. She is still debating between College Station and Galveston. 

I am keep my opinions to myself. I need to learn to stop nagging my point.

Around the house...only improvement I'm taking on this week: replacing a toilet seat in the green bathroom. 

A funny video from Facebook...a tribute to How to Dad, Cheerios ad:


A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...the O Antiphons begin in two days- December 17. 
See Michelle Quigley's site for more details on history and prayers. And read more about The Golden Nights here at Catholic Icing and check out this companion at Jennifer Millers
Michelle's Chart to print
I laminated it to keep by Advent wreath.

A few plans for the rest of the week..plan gifts, visit with friends, ground breaking out our parish for our multipurpose building, with some schoolwork thrown in.

Something that made me laugh, happy the girls were to see the go cart. It needs some carb work and will be back in action soon after years of nothing It's funny to see things used with a new set of kids that the older kids enjoyed so much.

A peek into my day...good day for sock footed golfing.

Happy Third Week of Advent!


  1. Happy 3rd week...sure goes fast! I love your photos. You have a great eye for composition. Color, too! Praying for Mary and her daughter and family. Such a hard time for her.

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement, Christine!
      I cannot believe Christmas is next week!

  2. One of my many areas of failure is not to stop by and hook up with new friends. I'm so remiss about!

    I was delighted to finally visit new places, and oh my! How have I missed your neck of the woods?

    Beautiful post that brings me some peace as I read it.

    Looking forward to reading more. Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you, Patty! How sweet, I'm glad you stopped by. :)