Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{Counting Gifts} So very thankful

Wrapping up gifts from 2014. 

Good party to finish the year. "Mom, I'm tired." Said with a surprised tone in her voice, sleeping in my arms moments later.

NYE: Good mix of people, the kind of people who know to make themselves at home.

"Time flies, Eternity is forever. God waits for us in Eternity."

Compliment from the priest at visiting church about my beautiful daughters. And a compliment on Euly's veil.

Ceci's reading has improved. Confidence too.

Trim done, light moved, fan installed. Progress in a good day.

Our family, all together, filling a pew. Makes this mama very happy!

Warm, tucked and cozy.

Comforting Lilly. Apparently Mr. Incredible is very scary to a four year old.

She convinced me and her dad she needed to sleep with us tonight.

Shopping for the party- done!

Lilly helping to surprise her dad with Nick, Euly and Ceci.

On the sixth day of Christmas ... discovered the outlet mall and all my Christmas shopping is done.

Learning about Mother Mary honored in another land.

Crazy fungi

Bomb fires

Sunsets in the country

Date night counts even with the kids tagging along.

Pedicure by Ceci
Hearing Euly read bedtime stories to Ceci.

Reclaiming wood.
Nature:Bees at Christmas.
Redneck symphony: we shoot, the neighbor shoots. Louder and louder until it sounds like it ended with a canon shot! 

Beginners luck

Yummy dinner
Best gift of Christmas

Mom's chocolate pie recipe. Came out delicious!

Sisters regifting gifts. Hand/me/downs.

First gifts of Christmas ...
No floodgates were opened. We have matured!
Big brother gave best gift of Christmas Eve.

Crazy mushrooms.

Getting these out in the mail Christmas Eve.

Apparently we found a house for the mouse, which only helps me to let it gooooo!!!
Accepting letting go of Nick's house, planning to reuse its components.

Sharing Christmas secrets

Pecan pie is in oven.

Old time iron board closet.

Window weights
Urban decay country life
Handling the ruts in the road better with each rain.

Getting perspective about budgets and the new year.

The projects we can get done while Max is home.

"Do you want to take a bath? It's like swimming!"

Big find- left fencing materials

Trying to keep with with Craig as he keeps farmers hours.

Annual family phot experience is as good as the result. haha

 Being well

Christmas lights

Shopping with max who had great ideas persistence and didn't mind going back through the store again

Getting all my Christmas shopping done, almost.

Sharing my bed after her nightmares

Playing with Des
Maxs apartment/ having a base in Galveston

Window love

Door love too

Ceci's introspection

Christmas in the city
Good morning Galveston
City life is loud

Friends who come early and stay late

"Your dentist is ready for you. I'm going to give you a little pinch."
It is a little amazing what she remembers from her dental surgery day.

Fixing bookcase to organize stuffs

Kids having a good day appreciating their friends

Kathy stopping by all because we live close now! 

Kids stacking wood to surprise their dad

Just the sweetest phone call from miss betty

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  1. Total awesomeness here! You captured so much. I love how you do it. The fungi...really, really cool! Lady Altagracia...we have celebrated that feast day in the past, too.