Monday, December 8, 2014

{Counting Gifts} It's the little things

Father to come out and bless our home.

99 Celebrating St. Nick' feast day. (Gromit's birthday) We welcomed the dogs home after six months, they think they are in heaven! 

98 Shopping at Target for finishing touches and dashes of color.

97 Sampling color in guest bath. Classing it up more than I meant to.

96 Euly made dinner: tuna casserole.

95 Candles for Advent wreath adding special feel to dinner atmosphere.

94 Kids thinking they can get away with picking on me... they do. Good to dust off that sense of humor.

93 Importance of saying "I'm sorry" and receiving forgiveness in a family.

92 Listening to Nick talk, or really gush, about how much he loves living in the country.

91 Unflappable Nick in the driver's seat navigating the scary and many times rude big city drivers.

90 Burning stumps and wood piles, roasting marsh mellows, listening to coyotes from a safe distance.

89 Tile guy done, paid and gone. Accepting he isn't coming back and it's ok to have projects to last a long time. 

88 Windy night with leaves falling in metal roof give me time to think pray and plan. Fbofw

87 Committed tree decorators.

86 Cure for cabin fever - Las Fuentas seeing smiles on the kids faces.

85 Buying a house where a hoarder lived...who happened to have a thing for Christmas decor.

84 Had planned on spending the day picking up my dogs,
But brakes on car needed attention just as I drive by repair place,  so I spend alllll afternoon with these guys plus Molly for a while at brake place. 
Peace of mind while driving, dogs can wait one more day.

83 Watched Bridge to Teribithia with the girls. Had a good cry. Girls think I'm crazy.

82 Dryer converted and hooked. Now I can get caught up on laundry. 

81 Spending time with these imaginative kids!

80. Marilyn always has a kind word for me about Molly:
She is lovely, as are the rest of your children.   She can stay forever.   You need to write a book on how to raise perfect kids because you got it right one hundred perfect.   Truly amazing.   Great job Mary and Craig

79 (Pre)tend I'm a princess taking a shower... Never mind... Now I want to take a shower. 
Living life in Lil's pretend realm.

78 After watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
Singing Someone to Care For
Lil and Ceci together.

77 Lil:
"Waking up with snuggling and huggling and kisseling is the best."

76 Making room on the couch to take a long overdue break. The piles will be there when I'm rested.

75 Feeling sick about having to get mistakes corrected and live with the set backs instead of the cracks

74 Spending lots of time with my girls, unfortunately in car, travel place to place moving, passing with singing along to songs loudly.looking forward to that day soon when we can be settled.

73 Molly off to Marilyn's until the end of the semester.

72 Giving my car some TLC after all the miles it has trudged me along lately. Thankful for warning smells and knowing my car so well.

71 Thanksgiving at Craig's and then at Teresa's. So happy to have a place to go. 

70 Road trip with my girls.

69 Molly's photo published.

68 Celebrating birthdays all together.

67 Her own little red wagon stories and experiences: Thank you grandma and papa!

66 The way we do "move".

65 Sentmanat boys to help us move. Eager, helpful with a smile.

64 Wiped out! In a good, worthwhile kind of way.

63 Emma's visit.

62 Texas country highways.

61 A full house waiting to be unpacked and put away.

60 A Latin Mass near me.

59 Euly getting into the swing of personalizing her room.
chalkboard painted wall

58 Done being an apartment dweller.

57 Moments of finding normal during the move.

56 Nick's moved in. He's in good for now.

55 Making hot chocolate with my girls.

54 Learning about the unique trees on our property for our part of the county. Sharing excitement.

53 Nick installed four CO/Smoke detectors, so I can sleep without that worry.

52 Ceci 

51 Lilly and I decided to switch places cause she thought being me, mom / Mary would be the best person in the world to be. I thought being Lilly would be a treat. We were both right.

50 Meetings...because it's my only social life.

49 For my car and all the miles we have been through together lately.

48 In love how much she loves sleeping. Illustration of the definition of peace. 

47 For what this is to become.

46 Ceci's adventurous nature

45 Ceci's love for her kitty

44 Four wheeled drive.

43 New showers.

42 Utility room floor.

41 Meeting a faith filled Catholic family.

40 Lovely ladies.
39 Angela bridal shower,
Welcoming her to the family.

38 Rain on metal roof

37 Lil
Hey mom are we still playing the game?
If you mean the one where I'm the little girl and you're my big sister ..then yes we are.

36 Projects..projects.. projects.

35 Sounds of banging and hammering going on all over my house.

34 Smell of fresh cut lumber

33 "I ate a doughnut in my lap and consequently have sugar all over me."

32 Lilly behaving like a big girl in her class today.

31 Lilly's first science class.

30 Setting up a home shrine.

29 That my friend has teenage boys that move furniture no questions asked for food.

28 That my friend has a 15 passenger can that doubles as a moving van.

27 For my friend who offered to move my couches to make my house a home. Didn't think they'd fit. Happy they did!

26 Lil 

25 Lilly: let's play pretend I'm the big sister and you're the little sister.

24 "A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed." Don't compromise your values.

23 Having helpful family nearby.

22 Kitty coming home on its own. It likes us!

21 Sweet notes of inspiration

20 Nicholas covering us with a blanket to keep up warm on the coldest night yet.

19 A fun visit to Larryland

18 A comfortable place to sit and blog.

17 My sweet Molly  making sure I had making a hot cup of coffee.
This body needs warmth on the inside.

16 Just being. No sounds. No distractions. Just here.

15 Bump out of bedroom floor, foundation repairs changes felt 

14 Our smell taking over the old house smell.

13 Stove - whoa!! can't wait to start cooking

12 Dishwasher - oh my! 

11 Affectionate kitty.

10 Leftover smells from last nights fire.

9 Sharing beds to share warmth.

8 Euly to keep me company on dark cold quiet night.

7 Warm shower in cold days.

6 Heater is working!

5 Learning about or town. fbofw.

4 First fire. 

3 Reading bedtime stories.

2 A nightitme outing with Nick and Euly
Nick driving.

5501 Progress to make us feel civilized - internet connected.


  1. The tree is so pretty! I cry at all movies. I am that crazy mother too!

    1. I have found it to be a little freeing for them to wonder about me. ;)