Sunday, December 21, 2014

Being in two places at the same time

DO you find that December usually does this:
it demands or invites your presence at two events at the same time.
I had a dilemma this weekend.

My niece graduated from college, the ceremony is a very big deal.
(She graduated summa cum laude!)
Our parish has its ground breaking for new all purpose building we've been working on for over three years, fundraising intensely all this year. 
How do we choose? We have to split the family to represent at both. Max and Molly to the graduation, the rest of us to ground breaking.

Then a rain storm changed my mind. It rained so hard and so long, I thought best to keep Molly company on the drive to Galveston. Since we've moved, the drive to Galveston is longer and unfamiliar, and straight through busy Houston.  I helped navigate and keep her company.

I thought maybe the ground breaking would be cancelled since there was So. Much. Rain. But it wasn't easy to change an event like this at last minute. The cardinal has a busy schedule, tent had been delivered, cookies and other goodies had been baked. People were coming!

Craig, Euly and Nick had many various roles to help this event run smoothly: including pumping water out of and off of so many surfaces, including the tent and tarps, shooing the animals into their newly fenced areas. Euly learned first hand how stubborn donkeys could be.

I heard from them a few times while I was away, but they were so busy helping out, dry out, set up, and so much else, it made me feel guilty taking off out of town. I did enjoy preparing the photos for the parish secretary so they can upload for notification of the progress we have made here in Houston, it is pretty big news! 
A new parish in Houston... a new Latin mass parish... a new Fssp parish that is building from the ground up instead of taking over an abandoned parish. It's big news, it wasn't supposed to happen because of all the obstacles in the beginning. So when Father Van Vliet came to Houston, with no place to live,  no building plans, and right off met Father Lockey, (second on right) who offered him a place to live and have mass for our new community, met Betty White who wanted to donate 40 acres of land,  met the architect (on far left), made great plans to build a mission style set up like the missions in San Antonio, and finally had the support and approval of our Cardinal and diocese attorney (on right) to get it all wrapped up and ready to fund raise and get moving in just over three years from Father landing in Houston. God seems to want this to happen!

We had rain the whole drive to Galveston. Like a blanket of heavy showers were stuck overhead, foggy grey everywhere. We took about three hours for a two hours trip, but arrived safe. We ran across the street from Max's dodging rain to Shrimp and Stuff's new location. I had yummy crab balls and gumbo. Perfect feel good food after a yucky dreary day. Molly and I took care of a little shopping on the Stand and found a cute store we snuck in to stay dry, but ended up staying and finding lots of treasures. 

We relaxed the rest of the day, got up early for Charlotte's graduation. So proud of her, finished college two and a half years out of high school I'm telling ya', those homeschoolers are impressive!
Lilly and I got to hang out its Baby Des sand then the rest of the family at a cute  little rented bungalow. Great lunch, great celebration. I am happy I was able to spend time with my sisters and family. 

The graduation ceremony was very nicely done held at the Galveston Convention Center on the Seawall. I love to look at the beach in any weather. 
The whole A&M vs. UT rivalry doesn't get to me much. Occasionally I'll meet and Aggie that has to get in a tea sipper joke, but when they played the battle song at the end, I instantly went to in hook 'em horns mode. Haha..reliving some college football atmosphere I guess.. but I behaved.  Divided households with this next  generation! Hey we got a sneak peek into how we will celebrate for Max's graduation in six months.

Molly took some great pictures on a walk to the beach:

he's just now crawling, but already thinks he'll try walking.

Precious family with a well loved baby!

Now that this weekend is over, I need to get serious about Christmas.
Happy fourth Sunday! Have a great week of preparation!


  1. What 'a story behind the new parish!! I do believe that yes, God wants this to happen as soon as possible!

    21/2 years? I'd love to know how she did it. That's anazing!!

    1. Local community college dual credit while in high school and some 18 hour semesters in college. She's driven with a great work ethic.