Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas 2014

We had very wonderful days together celebrating Christmas. 

Before leaving for midnight mass Christmas Eve:

Nativity display in the entrance to the Family Life Center where we currently have mass.
Ready for mass. The traditional Gregorian Chants before mass were lovely. 
We sang Silent Night while Father blessed and placied Baby Jesus in the manger scene.

Since the traditional rite does not have vigil masses, means mass doesn't start until midnight, ending around 1:30, getting us home around 2:30. We crashed as soon as we got home, some even on the drive home and one while we were still in mass. Guess who?

Cecilia reminded me we didn't have any cookies, so we left an appreciative Santa a piece of chocolate pie. (my mom's original recipe!)
So we slept in nice and late Christmas morning, then the kids rounded everyone up for opening presents.



Then Craig and Molly cooked a delicious dinner with steak, twice baked potato casserole, french green beans with bacon, rolls, modified caprese salad, wine soaked mushrooms, wine and sparkling cider with pecan pie and Molly's homemade vanilla bean ice cream for dessert.
So, we need a walk after that wonderful meal!
Ceci and Euly discovered a "ravine" Ceci want to take us on a tour.

 We took the dogs on a walk too. Gromit behaved and didn't run away!

We have been giving the little house a lot of attention because the insurance company told us due to the wood rot, it needs to be removed within 90 days. Oh, that deadline might be tight. 

Max and Craig decided to look into my suggestion of using reclaimed lumber for the hallway, and why not reclaim our own wood off the little house? They took many sheets of the outside siding down, then started thinking of using the wood floor planks instead. They pulled up a few planks of the 100 year old oak wood floor. It looks good, we haven't measured but they estimate we'd have enough to cover the long hallway. 

I like the look of this type of reclaimed wood paneling. 

So we are combing through it for anything of value for when we rebuild. 
Know what these are?

Sometimes the helpers get bored while waiting while we work.

On the way home Gromit thought it's a good day for a swim.

A lovely end to a lovely Christmas.
I hope yours was very merry!


  1. Merry Christmas! Our girls had a pretty close Christmas!! Dollies and Dresses!

    1. The best kinds of Christmas - with sweet little girls and their sweet little things.
      Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!! Wishing you blessings throughout the season.

    Are those pulley's? weights of some kind? I need to show my hubs. He probably will know.

    1. You got it Patty! The weights out of the old windows. I'm not sure why my husband thinks they are worth the trouble to separating, except for metal recycling.
      Merry Christmas!