Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend daybook...all about the house, about the house, no troubles

I am listening to...Guess what song someone added to my playlist and I can't get out of my head? (with my changed lyrics). First time I heard this song was on Mary at Passionate Perseverance blog and saw her dance to it. Please read her story and pray for her, Courtney and the family and friends who love them. I do every time this song clicks in my head. Have tissues handy!

Outside my window...woke up to a chilly 46 degrees outside. It warmed up beautifully!

I am thinking...about insomnia. Ever since we closed on the house last week, either Craig or I wake up ridiculous early eager to discuss progress or ideas or to just get moving. Yesterday it was Craig who woke up at 5:30 ready to discuss what was on the agenda, which included some moving in. Whatever a few trailer loads can do. Today it was me at 4:30. Well first at 3:40 and I tried to go back to sleep, but the light out the apartment window kept making me think it was time to get up. Mass, Sunday school, immaculate conception feast planning, new families oriented for CCD, lunch, pick up bed rails, be at property for mattress delivery, set up beds for kids....order Internet, phone service...what else?... Mind won't stop to allow sleep. May be some old lady hormones thrown in, but mostly I think it's excitement and too much to plan to do with only so many hours in day and fewer hours when my industrious husband is available.

I am husband could work from home more than he travels. We all enjoy having him around and when he goes back to traveling it leaves a big ole hole in our atmosphere, life, conversations, work progress, happiness.


I am thankful...for the gift of family, for my family's enthusiasm for our new home, despite the work and distance, for our new home and how it all fell into place, albeit over a long time. God is good! I'm feeling very grateful and just plain happy!

In the kitchen...our new stove arrives on Thursday. We are so excited to be able to cook in the house. We are on the go and meals have been an afterthought.  I made a crock pot roast and that was easy and turned out delicious. I threw a roast in, diced onions, cut red potatoes, garlic, salt, chicken broth and a dash of wine, turned it on high for hours, and it was perfect. On the run I picked up Jiffy corn muffin mix, perfect easy combination. 

I am creating...a place to relax outside, and get cell service. I found a great place on the back deck, I'll call it JR's spot after my late father in law. I know he would have loved to sit right here with his coffee and look out at the view and listen to the quiet and the birds. Rest in peace JR, we'll think of you every time we relax here.

I am reading...about our early church martyrs to and with Nick and Euly for their CCD class. Euly had to make a timeline of early emperors and persecutions with martyrs date of death included. We have our special ones like Saint Felicitus, Saint Perpetua, Saint Angus, Cecilia and Eulalia we made sure to add. Nick wore a paper on Saint Polycarp. I love learning about this time prior, and we owe such a debt to the steadfast faith of these early Christians who lost it all on earth to gain heaven, their seed of sacrifice firmly spreading Christ's Church for us.

I am pondering...a possible visit to the salt mines. We visited with the tractor salesman about salt mines in Hockley. I would not have excepted any kind of mines around here at sea level and high water tables. His father had helped dig the mines when first discovered and worked their his whole life, he passed away on the drive home after a shift when he was involved in a foggy night accident. This man loved his father and was so proud of the work he did.
I can't find that they do tours anymore. But I found this article referring us to our favorite park Cypress Top. I have never noticed info about salt mines, I'll have to check next time we visit,

click on it to see it the article if you are interested

Also, their is a local plantation tour and civil war reenactment I have wanted to go to for years but schedule or drought or rains have kept us away. I don't think we will make it this year, we are hoping at attend a shower.

A favorite quote for today...
I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
 – G.K. Chesterton

One of my favorite things...completing a job. So many projects will take a while, take a talent I don't have or strength I don't possess. So, when I can do something, start to finish, even as little as adding window clings to add privacy above my tub, it makes me very happy!
(anyone walking by could get a glimpse...not a well trafficked path btw)


A few plans for the rest of the week... This is another busy week, but should see progress. The foundation work begins Wednesday, weather permitting, and should take a week to level the house.  I can't wait to see and feel it strong and level.
The stove and dishwasher delivered and installed Thursday.
I hope to get Nick to put a new mailbox in, We hope to move in more of our tons of stuff next weekend. We will rent a truck to speed process. Get tile and exteriors door for utility room do. Paint utility room before tile guy starts. Oh, yes, and some school work. This is beginning to look like fall break. I have more windows to wash, boxes to unpack. This process with continue and repeat for two weeks.
I bought a beautiful shade of green for the utility room, utility bath and guest bath. Just gotta get going.

Around the house...we really have taken care of quite a few things. I keep telling myself, and Craig, pace ourselves. We have time. We have until December to vacate apartment. We have that long on storage unit. The house can take as long as needed, it is livable now. We made first and second pass at cleaning everything, including some windows. Craig replaced two toliets, three bath faucets, a kitchen faucet, refrigerator repaired, two large loads from storage unloaded, four beds delivered and assembled, utility and bath walls prep'd, replacement door selected, foundation guy scheduled, shed purchased and placed, first pass on smoothing road after large quantities of rain fell this week. Deep breath! Still much more to do, but no hurry...we'll get there and trying to enjoy the journey.

A peek into my day...I mean, really, what's not to enjoy on this beautiful day!

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