Thursday, November 20, 2014

{phfr} HMNS butterflies and friendly nature walks

round button chicken
Thank goodness for HMNS science days. 
We needed a break from moving activities. Tuesday's weather was very cold, and to have the chance to spend it indoors in a tropical paradise was a treat. The sunshine outside encouraged quite a bit of butterfly activity inside.

 Lilly and I volunteered to help chaperone Ceci's class, so we were able to join in on the butterfly tour with the class. Lilly had her first classroom experience. She learned what it meant to sit criss cross apple sauce, raise her hand when she wanted to make a contribution, make a butterfly craft, return her materials and her mat at the end of class.  She behaved very well, showing she understood what a privilege it was to attend class.
I hope we get a few more opportunities this school year. 

Did you know..
that besides the most known differences between moths and butterflies, (nocturnal/ day, cocoon/crystallis, muted colors/bright colors) that their antenae are also different. Moths' are more feathery, while butterflies' are longer, thinner with tiny bulbs on end.

pitcher plants - lure butterflies and insects in, trap and eat them.

We were blessed by a visit to our new house from our friends! We took a little nature walk, dodging vines and dead branches. We found where the two creeks merged together on our property.
We also braved creek crossing on logs.

and found a praying mantis back at home.

Some day I want to slow down and take a better picture of our interesting neighbors (a many miles away neighbor) that have a herd of zebras on their game ranch. The kids love to look for them every time we pass by.

Ongoing home renovation, something real is always happening around the house.
More work accomplished in utility room. On the job training.Father son learning sheetrock repair. They have many walls to practice and perfect this newly self taught skill.

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