Thursday, November 6, 2014

The home ownership honeymoon continues into second week

Another incredible week working on the house! These quotes spoke to me:

Deuteronomy 28:8

The Lord will command the blessing on you in your barns and in all that you undertake. And he will bless you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. 

Proverbs 24:27

Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.

Jeremiah 29:5

Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce.

Didn't not spend any time at the property, instead spent a productive busy crazy day chasing down forms for Nick to be eligible to take the test for drivers permit. We lucked out with timing and it all worked out. He passed with room to spare despite a DOT employee who tried to shake his confidence. Great job Nick!! He is one young man who accomplishes what he sets his minds to! A big year for Nick including Confirmation, braces off, Philmont and obtaining Eagle Scout and now permitted driver.

Molly and I did a little shopping at Lowes, talked shop with a paint specialist for ideas. Molly wants to try chalkboard painting one wall. Anyone try it? Like it? Not like it? Opinions please! 

She and Euly plan on white and black with red accents for their room. I think a chalkboard wall would be fun. I worry it won't work as a real chalkboard.

We had a refrigerator repair man with a repair time window of 8-5. Of course he didn't come to the end of the time slot. The most disappointing part of the experience with A&E appliance repair, associated with Sears, is that they could send a robot do the job/not do the job. Their repairman don't think or use abilities outside a computer. I paid $99 for a diagnosis and only got attitude. The reason the fridge isn't cooling is because of a leak that caused a problem on the label indicating model number. Serial number was clear. I needed a few moments on the Internet to supply the missing numbers (missing numbers only indicated width of product). He wouldn't wait or diagnose without it, since he couldn't plug a full set of numbers in, so no diagnosis. A true repairman would know how to diagnosis. But a robot with only programming couldn't. Frustrating, but this encounter let me know I didn't want to use their company with such poor service etiquette and ability. There were refrigerators before computers man!  He's been a service man for twenty years, I'm sure there was a time pre computer diagnostics. How his internet wouldn't work to help identify model number but had no trouble swiping my credit card info... makes you wonder. Company policy, got it.

We had some great service with the delivery of the shed Craig bought last week. These guys were amazing! First worried about low hanging branches, then traversed the pot holes and ruts  with ease (lots of scary bangs and noises heard up by the house echoed from those bumps in the road) and then finally at the last gate way he only had six inches to spare and made it. They leveled it up and left in record time. True pros.

Due to their serious early concern of not making it, I contacted my realtor about contacting a neighbor about using a back road in. We didn't  need to but it led to a happy introduction to a neighbor. Apparently I need to work on my pronunciation of the word shed when I'm on a phone with bad coverage and I'm talking fast. Haha.

The girls and I moved tools to help Craig have one less thing to do. 

I painted the second coat of Kilz in bathroom and utility room and started on Nick's closet. A tweenie aged girl had used the walls of her closet as an autograph wall and the markers are hard to cover up. Maybe the closet isn't ready to let go of "Rachel" and her friends just yet. 
After two coats!

I also had a great visit with a tile guy. He doesn't just want to replace the tile, he wants to add a little something of a design...contrary to what I said last post, I guess I do want that shower to look good. Good salesman. Good prices. He won't start the first of four projects until the 17th. I have time to shop for tiles and and door. 

I put up some sheets on windows in my bedroom to see if it helped with controlled heat from so much sunshine in my bedroom. I hated not seeing outside. So the answer, whenever I get curtains, I'll probably get sheers that can be pushed back to open. We will see how much heat gets lost over winter due to the windows and that might convince me on a thicker curtain then. No neighbors to see in, so it's not privacy concern.

I hadn't planned on going back out because of forecasted rain and we really need to get some school done. But the foundation guy was supposed to take measurements and have wood delvered. 
Also our past German teacher had called me to see if we wanted a barn cat, she had a homeless kitty who desperately needed a home. We said yes and stopped by to pick him/her on our way.
When I got to our new home (opposed to our "fake home" as Lilly now calls the apartment) I could see it had rained much more than I realized! The ruts in the road were full of water and the dirt was like mushy cookie dough. 

But I made it that far that morning, and I couldn't take the cat to the apartment, and I had confidence of my four wheeled vehicle, I went on. Only to get stuck on the far side of the road up past the creek. 
I thought I was stuck and feared if I tried too hard I might dig in deeper. Craig later showed me I was not really stuck, just mudded down. I guess there is a difference.

We walked the rest of the way of to the house in a downpour. Mud boots not with us in car. 

Euly carried the cat in its carrier/trap and helped to settle it in its space with all the accessories it could need. We will keep as an inside kitty until we get settled and feel he/she knows it's home.

The girls tried to bond, but the kitty wasn't terribly interested and nested itself at the top shelf of the closet. Hopefully it warms up because now it just causes some strive between the girls. It's not a wild cat and I think it has some Siamese in it, my least favorite breed. We didn't have a chance to bond.

I cleaned out the fireplace, mopped wood floors, carried in what I brought from apartment to move in. Stayed busy until Craig and Nick came to the rescue to drive my car out of the ruts. Apparently my hubs weren't locked, and was essential for front wheels to be locked in 4 wheeled drive. Never knew that in these thirteen years of driving my car. I love my car. 

After more minor repairs, assembling two iron bed frames for the girls, info gathering about light bulbs, picking paint colors and all, I let Nick drive to our "fake home." He followed Craig out through the ruts and did fantastic. He drove home in the dark and rain and you wouldn't know he just started this driving this Monday. 

The kid has been driving since he as four. Craig had a little four wheeler on our property in Georgia. Nick loved it more than any single thing in his childhood. He rode it every chance he got. Once riding it long enough he was getting drowsy and almost feel asleep on it. 

We were welcomed home by a much appreciated home cooked meal, thank you Molly. We have been eating out and on the run for too long. 

We had to do some financial planning and budget reworking since we have moved up some projects that we thought we could wait on. Isn't it funny and predictable how all projects cost more and take longer than any "realistic" estimate you may make? 

I am so thrilled this place is ours. I know we have all the time in the world. But there is also this unique time where the house is still basically empty, because we have almost a month still at then apartment.  It would be easier to get as many projects done before we are all moved in and settled. 
I'm sure there is old adage about renovations stopping when you settle in, but I'm too tired to think about it right now.

I am hoping to stay close To home Thuraday since it hasn't stopped raining, but due to the kitty and an expected delivery, we may spend another day in paradise. Looking forward to permanence.

Some Thomas Jefferson to motivate me to a future we want to build:
Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independant, the most virtuous, & they are tied to their country & wedded to it’s liberty & interests by the most lasting bands

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