Sunday, November 23, 2014

Taking time for the important things in life

That title/concept may seem like a no brainier to most people, but I have to be mentally deliberate. So much going on with the house renovations and husband travels, I have to convince myself it is fine to leave the projects for a while.

We traveled to San Antonio to a bridal shower for my niece to be. We took the mother of the groom with us and met one of our other sisters who brought my mom and her flower girls daughters. 

It was a delight to meet Angela's family. Christ centered faith shined through their gifts, every well wish, every party detail, every bit of advice. 
"There are three people in a marriage: husband, wife and Our Lord."
I got to know her better by meeting her family. She is well loved! 

I felt their love and acceptance for us, representing the groom, and I am so thankful, even by a in-law distance. We are now family. 
It would have been a tragic loss to have not gone, missing the opportunity to meet and blend relationships to help build a loving foundation for this special couple.

We traveled the evening before, staying home long enough here to make sure the tile contractor was able to get his van out the muddy drive without getting stuck on the road. We charged down after him in the dark slipping and sliding. 
(We need a good run of warm, dry days before we can get the road base delivered. Big priority. But it's November.) 

We picked up my sister along the way, and  started a fun road trip visiting the way sisters do and listening to my girls in the back singing to their favorite songs, letting go of life's stresses to go all to welcome Angela and shower her with gifts of love.

The weather this weekend was mucking up my road, also made travel a little cumbersome. We had no problems. Once at the aunt's home for the shower, no more rain fell and it was beautiful sunny skies by the time the shower ended. I haven't been to a shower in over twenty years. I easily catch wedding fever and delight in all the feminine beauty!
I didn't take pictures with my camera, snuck a few with my phone. Sweet table decorations out of paper doilys with kisses in back.  

There were well over thirty women there, having lunch around beautifully decorated tables, and the aunts suggested we introduce ourselves, relationship to bride, something about how we know her. It was a beautiful exercise helping to break the ice and immediately get to know and accept each other. I never like taking in front of larger groups, but felt such love from these women who love Angela, I felt at home.

I enjoy being with my sister and she goes through this life change. I love seeing how much she loves her future daughter in law and said if she was to have picked someone to marry her son, it would have been Angela, and she is so overjoyed that her son picked her.

We all wonder about who our children will marry and it is beautiful to see these two young people living strongly in their Catholic faith find each other and be so in love. I pray for my future sons and daughters in law, and or whatever vocation our Lord calls our children. I am happy for these two large extended families and and so thankful they found each note and are a faith filled inspiration to the rest of us. 

The women who helped make this happen, moms and grand moms and sweet Angela:

The drive home we were protected from crazy violent weather all around us. We were blessed to drive the majority of the way in the spot between the violent clouds, lightning on both sides, just getting mistings.

The flower girls dresses should be ready in December for Lilly and Cecilia. The wedding is in January. So much to look forward to!


  1. What a lovely post, my friend!
    So nice to hear of young people so happy and in love.
    Glad you had such a great time.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving week!

    1. Thank you Billie Jo! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. So glad you came over to say HI to me so I could come read your really is so heartfelt. Isnt Billie Jo so sweet. She is always so giving with her comments also.

    I LOVE WEDDINGS cannot wait to see the pics. We havent had a wedding in our family in so long.

    1. Yes, I love when you and Billie Jo drop by!
      Have a wonderful and restful week!