Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can't all run smoothly

With this house renovation, not everything is easy or problem free. We have had our surprising wins and a few set backs. I am trying to focus on the positives, because there are so many positives and wins!

We are moving our things out of storage ourselves, and I think at different times some one of us asks why we didn't hire someone...but no one gets organized enough to make that call. We are slowly coming along and making a dent. We'll move a big load from storage on trailer and slowly make progress unpacking it. This weekend, we had so many things to do...and we have accomplished quite a bit. I have to remind myself, stay calm, in the face of so many things to do, I can feel and see improvement.

We installed the new stove and dishwasher. Wow! Very nice. Installation by my husband saved $416! The stove is huge and wonderful and so very shiny and begging for us to cook something! Enough bragging for now. Once installed, we immediately made pancakes and sausage for dinner. It's a dream stove/oven...! It fit perfectly! 

We removed yucky old caulk and put in fresh caulk around the girls' tub, moved some heavy furniture  and looked into foundation issues...a whole 'nother paragraph. 

We installed a new mailbox. The other old one was falling down, this new one is solid. Apparently I have a thing about mailboxes. Nothing fancy. Just solid. I have had to replace a few over the years at other properties. I think it is more about my claiming the property. 

Craig fixed sheetrock hole in utility room. 
I painted wall boards in girls' bath. 
I unpacked a half a gazillion boxes. 
Girls started unpacking their room.
The kitchen is starting to look like home. There are boxes everywhere!

We shopped for and decided on a door to replace rotten door in utility room. We had a few choices, but we like the metal door, half window with blinds built in! I'll paint it to match house.(rotten door on left with blue faded panel).
One evening late, Craig said let's make a load, and we calculated how long it would take to hook up and get to storage unit, hour, and how long it would take to fill hour... It would be cutting it very close to closing time, not running into any delays from traffic or trains but we could do it before they locked the gates. It felt like we were on a game show to pick and secure as much stuff to out on a trailer and get out of there by nine o'clock otherwise we'd lose and win the chance to spend the night in the parking lot inside the locked gates of the storage unit. We set a timer, and had the little girls watch it for us. Giving us thirty, ten, five minute warning countdowns.

Well I'm operating on minimal sleep this week, (first week staying some nights  at house and it's awfully quiet and dark, kids get nervous, want me to share beds)...and I'm physically tired from moving boxes, painting, unpacking, nature waking, so when in the game show atmosphere rush of loading the trailer, I fell. Not off from the trailer, but with the momentum of hopping off, got tripped up, down I went. I'm ok. It just stunned me and made me very mad at myself, and I am sorry to say, mad those around me, lacking in virtue I know, but Wham!, realization I am human. Just like that, gotta slow it down, or I'm going to burn out, or worse, really hurt something.

We get out of the storage lot in plenty of  time. Win! On the way home Brown Black Billy, my beloved IKEA  bookcases, some how took a hit, most the top, and backs blew out. Particle board carnage all over the trailer and other boxes and furniture. My heart sank. All these boxes and boxes that are labeled "library" or "school" won't have a place to go ( I miss our books) plus extra expense not budgeted to replaced my Brown Black Billy's...not a win at all!

Speaking of not budgeting for extras, our foundation guy is getting on my bad side because he's trying to upsell me. I don't like upselling and I don't like when people tell me it's ok that it costs more because it is for a perceived good thing or it will save my house blablabla. That's why we hired you do your job: to what's on the contract, stop upselling me!  I am not going to add on to project you've seen a day or two...Although  I must say, my bedroom floor hump is gone and it looks level too. The doors already close better and floor feels solid. There is hope for the rest of the house. But all this was in contract! 

Foundation guy:  just do that to the rest of the house and I'll be happy.

Monday  work is now postponed to Thursday for the tile guy. To begin, I want everything written out clear like so there are no misunderstandings.
I did upset Ceci very much, unintentionally. I let the cat out of her room , which is really my computer room. They thought best to hole a cat up. I thought I might be nice for her to investigate the house, they were right. Hours later,   I realized I hadn't seen her. The foundation guy had to prop open a door and had inadvertently let the kitty out. We looked and looked and hadn't realized what happened. I knew Ceci was coming back soon and she would be disappointed with me and my bad animal keeping skill. They remember the last cat I let out accidentally never returned.

Euly saw kitty go under house, so we tried to find and entice her back. Later, the girls fell asleep in their matching twin beds, while we were unloading the late night storage run. While we were getting boxes, some animal ate some food we left out on porch for her. Hopefully it was Zuzu.

Another day, we had to make a stop by my sister's property and my b-i-l entertained the girls with feeding their santa gertrudis cows.

Oh! I'm reminded ..Today is Saint Gertrude's feast day!
Quick, say her prayer:
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

That hopefully released 1000 souls out of purgatory ....

My sweet husband works a full time job and is trying to get this transition done while talking to foundation guy, lining up other contractors, and dealing with a wife who tries not to complain except about foundation guys, but does talk a lot, so far so many things have worked out great. I thought that a heater wasn't working, but is surprised us and slowing warmed the house up. The refrigerator just needed freon, and is now working great!  The new stove is amazing, the faucets have been a huge improvement ... we are getting there... Slowly.

It's just not always easy or perfect or problem and difference-of-opinion free. Sometimes it's frustrating, aggravating and down right overwhelming. I have to keep going back to my plan, calendar,  lists, budgets and our priorities. Praying for perspective.

Communication is key to all of this. I will look to hire help for the rest of the moving, I will continue to communicate with my foundation guy, to stick to our contract, nothing extra, and I keep telling my husband what a great job he is doing with whatever nights and weekend hours allow. No panic, no pressure, definitely no regrets or bad attitude. It is so exciting to see it transform into our home!

After doing a few chores at house today, I heard the cat meowing outside and quickly grabbed her and brought her in. Ceci will be so happy. Best ending to our weekend!

Here's hoping for a productive week. I am now doing six loads of laundry from the house dirtied this week.  We start off Monday concentrating on school projects, run to check on cat; scouts, Tuesday is a museum science day; hoping to have some visits with friends; meeting with county ag people; and ending the week in San Antonio for a bridal shower. 
Please please please- Don't remind me Thanksgiving is next week, because I am not ready!


  1. Mary, thank you for bringing us along on this amazing journey of yours!
    You are my hero, I tell you...
    Creating such a wonderful home for your family. : )
    That stove. That stove.
    Forget the rest of the in the kitchen.
    And stare at that gorgeous stove.
    Thanks for the prayer too...
    Have a cozy, productive day!

    1. Billie Jo,
      Thank you! Your words are a great motivator for this Monday.
      Have a great week!