Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good distractions

I heard from a friend today and she asked if we were completely done moving in ....cough cough ..laugh laugh,  we aren't. We have hit delays and pushed off deadlines. We had a few days of rain, tons of water dumpage, which just turned our road back into a muddy mess. Imagine driving on wet cookie dough. Can't take a big moving truck down that!  Our tile guy got stuck and lost a morning. Nick pulled his van out of the muck with the tractor.

Pouring rain over Euly's shoulder.
Tile guy made a lot of progress in the utility room:
And in Molly's shower:

And did the demo in our shower:

Craig has material picked out, only the tile guy's mother needed him in El Salvador and he left... and we are hoping he will be back Friday.

I mentioned in this post we spent time away for a bridal shower and snagged some photos off Molly's camera:

Speaking of Molly's good was published in the Texas Catholic Herald promoting our parish's ground breaking coming up in December. +A.M.D.G.+

Then we spend Sunday down with Max celebrating his birthday in Galveston.
Ceci decided to try out street theater and be part of the fire breathing jugglar's act.

I wasn't home long enough to make a cake, so we had birthday sweets at our favorite candy shoppe La Kings and savoured the sweetness back at Max's apartment.

This week is busy for all of us preparing to spend time with family and friends.  I am very fortunate to have a daughter who offered to brave grocery shopping, and has already made the divinity and candied pecans. 

The girls and I have tried so spend as much time at the house as possible to communicate with the foundation guys and to keep unloading boxes and boxes and putting it all somewhere.
Then the preparations for Thanksgicing began, with a tradition of strawberry jello cake for Max's birthday before we hit the road.

SOOOOooooo much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

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