Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fun deliveries and additions

With no out buildings, we had to get something quick to move forward on any project. Plus where would we put Craig's tools?
It's kind cute that it matches the house.
After delivery:

Today we picked up this toy. Doesn't he look as happy as a little one in Christmas morning?

We added this little one Tuesday.
She needed a home, but I don't think she was a wild kitty.

 Rains brighten up all the colors around the property.

We have spotted groups of deer darting around the property, deer tracts everywhere.
Wonder who left these prints:

Ceci is so fun to hang around . This guitar was left and found by Ceci, now she is trying to learn how to play. Molly is a good teacher.

Nature walks reveal things happen around property:

Pax Rustica
It's fun to see Craig work and make quick progress with that mower. 
Tomorrow road work on our drive begins...since so many other projects, including move in, depend on a rut free driveway.

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