Friday, November 14, 2014

Daily Nature Walks

Cecilia is my child that makes me stick to my word. In all the months of dreaming about this property, I talked about how great it would be to take daily nature walks just out our door.
So daily, Cecilia reminds me it is time to work in a nature visit, usually I put it off until most other work I can get done is put away, but before it's too dark to enjoy it. 
I am so thankful, because these breaks remind me of so much to be happy and thankful for. It is our time to visit and observe, not to do anything. We make mental notes of things that will need attention when it is a work time. These nature walks are for observation, exercise and visiting ONLY.
Sometimes we can observe others work...but really that tractor is fun for Nick. 

My brother in law suggested we might have beavers or nutria. Both like knowing on wood. Lilly likes to tell us she has spotted a nutria out the window whenever she gets spooked over some sound.

Brave adventurer

"Aw, that trails goes to the pond, back to the house. Let's take a longer trail so we don't know where we'll end up." Okay!

I haven't found the box with my winter clothes, so I borrowed a blanket to keep me warm.
One branch of creek behind her..
"Wouldn't it be bad if I slipped?"

Pine forest. Maybe planted as a timber growing section to be future telephone poles.
Horses cleared out in a hurry leaving feed buckets behind.
"Mom, leave those there, we have more exploring to do today!"
The drive is looking better. Most ruts are smoothed, still soft places by creek crossing. We need gravel and time.
Ceci and I decided to walk the east side fence line.
Second place creek crosses from neighbor.
Variety of mushrooms
It is November and flirting with freezing temps, yet still wildflowers to cheer our trails.

Many trails look the same, and we had fun exploring a different trail and coming out to the same meadow. It's mostly wooded. There are three large meadows, separated by creek and springs. Some trails were made as four wheeler trails, other by animals. One walk we were trying to see where the two creeks that come into our property merge into the one that exits, but we got so bogged down, we had to back track. Making great memories together.

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  1. You look great in your tangled blankey! Precious times spent with daughter and outside. Nature is so great for the soul! Love your pictures.