Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Work in Progess

I'm starting to see beginnings of big progress with property and house. I had a long talk with our foundation guy, he's a talker and a fun story teller, he convinced me that the house is in great shape, able to handle all the foundation repairs. He had supplies dropped off for work to start this week. Apparently the house has too many piers and doesn't allow the house to "flex like an eagle"... not sure the connection there, but I can tell what he is talking about feeling the peeks and valleys of the floor especially in the large rooms like the master bedroom and den. 

I am almost done with painting the utility room and bath. I still need to work on trim and ceiling painting before the tile guy comes Monday. We have an exterior door and a tile picked for the flooring, need to pick tiles for showers that need repair, and replace the trim around windows and doors. It will go quick once major stuff starts.

We take breaks to get school done..

and play..

and take nature walks around the property..
Ceci helped a nervous Lilly across the creek on a log bridge she made.
Ceci likes to dress up for any and all occasions.

path back to house up the hill behind the pond.

looking back to driveway
We are also working on removing nature from the inside of the house. I have put all spiders on notice, we are here and they need to leave. Most are cooperating, some stubborn ones still show signs of staying. They can sure build up webs as fast as I can take them down.
This dirt dobber nest was on top a light fixture in utility room. Isn't the entrance it made just perfect?

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