Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5500 Counting gifts: feeling full of gratitude

I am thankful to our sweet Lord for all the little things and big things in life:
5500 Spending time visiting with Euly now that she's bumped up to ride in the coveted front seat.
99. Bedtine stories and tucking them in at night.
98. That my kids need me.
97. Making it through our first very dark and too quiet night.
96. Ceci's enthusiasm for being in the house.
95. My new favorite store: Lowes
94. Half the room is ready, waiting for Molly for the other half.

93. Willing painting helpers

92. Paying off an old debt.
91 Cashing in points for presents.
90. Cleaning toilet stone - Ew! for the need, Yay! for the results.
89. Being toasty and warm inside while it's  cold and windy outside.
88. Unpacking and finding long lost things.
87 Our new home and others seeing what we see!
86 "You sure do have a good husband, ma'am." 
Yep, I sure do!
85 Playing charades before bedtime

84. Actively protesting government expansion.
83. New sheets: it's the little comforts of life!
82. Gathering stories.
81. Fresh start every morning.
80. Visiting with a local about salt mines around here. I learned quite a bit and really enjoying hearing his stories.
79. Spending the day with Ceci, quite the personality.
78. Renn Fest traffic jams reminding me of one reason we moved.
77. Bbq hut to keep our energy up.
76. Having strong teens in the house, help with heavy furniture!
75. Seeing our things again and planning arrangements.
74. First big moving day..of many. Starting to look like it belongs to us.
73. Our road with no ruts..just a few mushy places.
72. Easy refrigerator repair.
71. Political landslide. America proving she's not asleep or done yet!!
70. She loves that kitty!
69. Happy happy happy!!!
68. Rain wear styling, making do.

67. Election night: only night I miss tv.
At least I know we did our part. Molly voted for first time.

66. Lilly: let's take a break (from moving some things)"
Me: You can, I'm going to keep going.
Lilly: Okay then I'll keep going with you.
65. Lilly singing: "We are going on a hike in the woods and we are going to dig for fish." Cause that's how it works...
64. Finding a perfect spot to name for JR

63. Placing order for new stove.
62. Praying for souls. Especially for Katie who lost her life at our exit, remembering when we heard the news. Eternal rest grant her O lord, may she rest in a Your Peace.
61. Not worrying what anyone else thinks about it.
60. Coming home to a Euly cleaned house.
59. Insomnia pumpkin bread
58. A car that keeps going and going..
57. Appointments all day
56. Happy and all run out to welcome me home. My kids are the best!
55. Getting what I can do done.
54. Pax Rustica
53. People offering to help me get Ag
52 Jefferson
"Many free countries have lost their liberty, and ours may lose hers; 
but if she shall, be it my proudest plume, not that I was the last to desert, 
but that I never deserted her. I know that the great volcano at Washington, 
aroused and directed by the evil spirit that reigns there, is belching forth 
the lava of political corruption in a current broad and deep, which is 
sweeping with frightful velocity over the whole length and breadth of the 
land, bidding fair to leave unscathed no green spot or living thing; while 
on its bosom are riding, like demons on the waves of hell, the imps of that 
evil spirit, and fiendishly taunting all those who dare resist its destroying 
course with the hopelessness of their effort; and, knowing this, I cannot 
deny that all may be swept away. Broken by it I, too, may be;
 bow to it I never will

51.Thomas Jefferson
Agriculture ... is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness.
50. Jefferson:
I am never satiated with rambling through the fields and farms, examining the culture and cultivators, with a degree of curiosity which makes some take me to be a fool, and others to be much wiser than I am.
49. Kathy and Larry touring property. They are always there for our changes and transitions with enthusiasm and positive words for us!
48. Halloween traditions with out sweet friends.
47. Spooky barn, visions in to Dante's hell and chance for the kids to act.

46. New driver

45. Nick accomplishing what he wants and accomplishing all goals he set for 2014.
44. A surprisingly good driver, listens, learns, doesn't run up, speed or right right lane.
Individual time with each kid.
42. A confident Nick
41. Navigating TXDot in record time, including signing up, missing documents, run home to get certificate and bank for notary to return to hear my number called! 
40. Texting with my sister..."you are a farmer now." 
39. Kilz
“Go back three mansions,” making it sound like a children’s game, we all laughed and recognized that we all go forward, and backward, in our daily lives by either winning or losing the skirmishes in the war of soul against body, spirit against flesh. This is why we do penance. "
Father Brown

37. When Lilly bumped her head: is my head cracked?
36. Searching for a name, checking with my Latin scholars,
35. Meeting solid country people to do business with.
34. A trip out to property just to see what it's like at night.
Dark, it's dark and very very quiet.
33.Prayer for All Souls Day -- the Prayer of St. Gertrude
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family.

32. Finally ours!

31. Meeting the seller and hearing the stories.
31. Easy closing.
30. Getting the last of their junk out.
29. A friend I can text with at 4 am.
28. Weekend getaway ... perfect timing.
27. Celebrating a Christmas present the following October.

26. Last morning selfie in bright sunlight by people who don't know how to selfie well.
25. Breakfast in bed with last night's left overs.
24. Train hopping

23. Holding hands

22. "Short sale has been APPROVED"

21. true
20. Waiting

19. Seeing sister love, older one giving you get one a kiss on the forehead.
18. My teens

17. My car guy teaching Nick car repairs, and my car loving all the attention.
16. Watching Lilly do her run skip.
15. One last swim
14. Friends stopping by apartment to visit after they moved away.
13. Reaching first big goal in church fundraising and ground breaking scheduled!
12. Yummy snuggles.

11. Lilly: "Mom you are definitely in my club: the Noise club, and awesome club and the I love you club."
10. Avoiding illness contagion.
9. Birthday celebrations for my new teenager.
8. Visits from old neighbors.
7. Got this patience thing under control...well, for today at least.
6. A dentist day that starts off like this and ends up like this. Shhhh Lilly, I am so happy you are ok.

5. Having a brother who will cheer you up by painting your nails.

4. Lilly: can we hold hands forever?" Me: Yes!

3. A good friend who worries and prays for my kids souls.
2. Stopped procrastinating and got my car a new windshield. Car looks good.
5401. Avoiding a wreck with a texter.

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  1. What a list!
    My fav...a child holding a kitty...I have a very soft spot for kitties and secretly I am "that cat lady" who could have a zillion kitty cats. shhhhh.

    thanks for sharing!