Thursday, October 30, 2014

Theme Thursday - Cracks, we got 'em

Yay Theme Thursday is back!

I missed last week because we were on our get away, and I'm applying this post to the Nice Job Theme because we closed on the property we've been waiting to buy all year.
So, nice job, Tim our realtor for making it happen. Short sales be the devil.
Nice job, me and my family, patience is not our best virtue, but we made it!

So the house we bought has some remodel needs. It has lots of problems, stemming from foundational issues from when the two homes were added together. It is a long house and the ends weren't supported so when the previous owner ran out of money, he gave up on it.  There are many other problems and things incomplete. So, because of foundation issues, we got cracks...

Wall cracks

 Ceiling Cracks

Floor cracks

 And concerned we might have a tank crack, we had a brand new propane tank installed
It will all be repaired soon enough. 
I have a good sheetrock and plaster guy, I'm looking for a good tile guy!

We are enjoying repairing and cleaning what we are able and we just emptied the last of the junk the previous owners left with the property. Two truck beds full!
Every muscle is sore but wake up eager  to get start again. 
Enough to make us all crack a smile!

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