Thursday, October 9, 2014

Counting Gifts while waiting for a change

The things I am truly thankful for...

5400 the softest skin
99 Nighttime parenting with nighttime snuggling 
98 Lilly, Who is your favorite princess? "My mom and me."
97 "To understand Christian scripture you need to live a Christian life"..S.A. course.
96 A Dirty Harry at Don Ramon's.
95 Reminder:  It's worth it...It's worth waiting...
94 Talking Mar and Michael into meeting us.
93 Good brakes.
92 Avoiding accidents miraculously.
91 Thanking Guardian Angels.
90 Keeping Molly around a bit longer.
89 Conversing in Espanol: greetings. 
88 School year moving along smoothly.
87 These two

86 Improvements in Math
85 Improvements in reading
"Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions. 
Watch your actions, they become habits.
 Watch your habits, they become character. 
What your character, it becomes your destiny. "
"Cynicism is a screen behind which youth hides its innocence and old age its sin."  
Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Trying not to be OCD about Lilly's math manipulatives...
80 A little wise person with an old soul
79 Contageous laughter
78 Children's smiles
77 Hearing "I love you" many times a day.
76 Generosity of grandparents love 
75 ...and liking it.
74 My parents driving by the property...
73  For Miss Betty taking care of my dogs 
72 A very social week for an introvert.
71 The apartment friends helping to pass the time.
70 Des's baptism
69 Theater date w Cc.
I love how much she got into the play

68 Date night margarita

67 Finding two episodes of Foyle's War I hadn't ever seen. Fan girling.
66 The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
65 My glasses look sweeter on her.

64 This reminder...duh

63 Answered prayers.
62 Errands on my own.
61 Rosary Procession.
60 Seeing the listing removed.
59 The laugh fest with Margaret, my comedian friend.
58 Preparing the path for the procession.
57 A field full of workers stopping to pray the Angelus at the summons of the bell on church property.
56 Farmers market.

55 About to have three teenagers in the house again.
54 A 13 year old tomboy party
53 Planning to be in by Christmas 
52 Turning in my sixty day notice
51 Budgeting and seeing it all under control.
50 That the dog scratch across Euly's face wasn't as bad so initial thought.
49 Changing vistas

48 An appraised value we can meet. Thank you God!
47 Meeting in the middle.
46 Keeping in touch with my busy older kids.
45 Kids praying from the sound of an ambulance.
44 54 day novena of the Holy Rosary.
43 Squeezing as much out of the last days of summer.

42 She answers Dora's questions with sincerity.

41 Lilly's animated snake stories.
40 French onion soup and the beautiful daughter who makes it fit me.
39 Panera date with Molly.
38 Visiting colleges.
37 How did you learn that? "Cc learned me."
36 Molly bringing this to me:

35 surviving a house of hormones.
34 Gifts from Lilly:

33 Conversing with Lilly.

32 Fall swimming.

31 Time with Max and Tim.
30 "What makes you happy Lilly?" "You, mom."
29 Galveston campus visit.
28 Lilly greeting a couple in the parking lot and Lilly's reaction when the man said hello.
27 Pretend playing theatrics with Lilly.
26 Blue.

25 Sharing stories.

24 DD's pretty porch:

23 The ones I'm with the most:

22 Time with cousins.

21 Time with Dd.

20 For the children God has loaned me
19 Will this and when will this be home?

18 Silly girls in pink

17 Thunder?

16 Yumminess 

15 Independence. 
14 Trying to see in the future.
13 Lilly putting on a dance for me.
12 Opportunity.
11 Trust.
10 Meetings and contributing.
9 Prayers for peace.
8 Sparking interest 
7 Blogs to read
6 Kids who understand and work together because they do. 
The lady in the booth having to tell me about God's love and to stay in God's time and to be patient.
4 Kids who understand me and give me room when I need it. 
3 Talking Kathy her drive home.
2 Letting out the tears.
5301 Preachy dreams.

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