Monday, October 13, 2014

A Rainy Sunday afternoon

Our Sunday afternoon was open so we decided to make a visit to the property and take some measurements and start finalizing our to do list. We are itching to get work started as soon as we close in November. We are prioritizing, switching plans up and adding as we see the needs. 

We enjoyed a thunderstorm, listening to the pit patter of the rain on the metal roof. Ah, country living. 
I. Can't. Wait.

Once the rain subsided, I put my new rain boots on and was ready to explore the property. We  checked out the abandoned house at the front of the property we like to call "Nicko's house," so called because Nick would like to rebuild and live in it someday.
Now birds and wasps have taken up residence. I don't see how anyone lived here in years and years.  It seems so forgotten and is almost hidden from view from the aggressive Yaupon plants. I would love to hear it's story from the sellers.

Log from a dying tree busted through the roof:

Time provided broken windows to make easy entrance and exits for the birds:

Sweet features proving this was a darling and probably well loved house once upon a time:

Many of these features probably can't be salvaged, but we will give it a try.

Wasps enjoy living and building nests around the house:

Neat ceiling tiles that will someday be replaced with beadboard.

The kitchen: all will need to be gutted and rebuilt. I'd love to see it redone with the same feeling from the 40's:

We need to close quick to save this house from the woods eating it up! Can't wait to get started!

The drive needs some trimming up:

And we have big plans to upgrade and widen the entrance gate:

Sweet Texas wildflowers everywhere, including the middle of the seldom used driveway.

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