Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Fall Daybook

panorama of our dream house kitchen, den, hall

Outside my window...
it is looking like the rainy fall we were hoping for. We are to get some cooler temps this week.

I am thinking...
since my husband and our realtor are pretty sure things will proceed to closing on buying our new home, I can get moving on planning. We close mid November. We feel confident enough (the listing was pulled!) that I turned in our 60 day notice on our rental. We have a lot to get accomplished before we move in. My brain focuses on the potties... all new potties. But there is an order to the work.
The road
The utilities inspected for safety to be turned back on, propane tank refilled.
Well activated and tested.
Do you want to see the whole list? You could cheer us along in the big and little projects that are needed. 

I am praying for..
healthy and successful outcome of dental work Lilly needs and requires sedation due to her age and expected cooperation abilities. Most of my other kids have experience similar work and all worked out fine, but I still get nervous for her health.
Sometimes I feel selfish to pray for the house to close and for things to work out for us, It's been a hard year for so many: death, cancer, Ebola, be headings. I know God wants to see Him in the big and little things in life.  I have found the 54 day rosary to be especially comforting. 27 days of petitioning, 27 days of thanksgiving

I am thankful...
 quick visit to Austin to see family and welcome a new member as a Child of God.

In the kitchen...
Molly made Nutella gluten free cookies. We bought the   King Arthur gluten free baking mix * and used Nutella for sweetness and chocolate, she didn't add more sugar. The cookies had a great consistency, reminding me of brownies. I recommend the King Arthur brand for a likeness to flour.
1 cup Nutella
2 cups *flour
1/2 teaspoon baking sode
2 eggs
1/2 cup pecans
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
Bake 350, 12-15 minutes

In the new home...
panoramic fun on our visit Sunday. I love this bright space. The kitchen is off to the left.

Kid are watching...
I am watching..
The Buccaneers

The Buccanners, movie based on a novel by Edith Wharton. It is a late 19th century period piece, romantic story of four friends who moved to England to search for a husband. They didn't did exactly what their romantic ideals imagined. There is heart break as these young ladies live a different life than America prepared for them. It is enjoyable. I have not read the novel it is based on nor anything else by Wharton. I am interested in seeking out her novels. I found the mini series on Amazon prime.

I am listening to...
what I consider the theme song of this year. De are watching...
I don't really want to sleep through any of it, but I feel a little bit of stress relieved when I sing this song.
Wake Me Up
Not really what I'd want, I just feel a satisfying sense of guilt when I sing it. I've been awake and very active every step fighting for this, waiting for this, hoping. We have had some very good experiences and met some people we would not have met otherwise.
I've missed having a yard, I've missed my routines, my things, but we made this place home, and have been comfortable and happy here.

I am looking forward to...
a trip away with just me and my sweetheart, first time in 22 years. 

I am pondering...
good points made by a doctor regarding information gathering and provided by doctors on immunizations, my skepticism started when my child's doctor considered the reaction my son had to Mmr to be to insignificant to report, leading me to question the statistics I was given. Information is power.  Immunization video

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Corn maze field trip was cancelled due to rain. Dentist. Celebrate Euly's birthday.

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