Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Quick Random Thoughts

Been thinking of how much I find living in rural areas interesting (especially now that we aren't),...I went back through photos of house hunting and loved this one of country living...

...reminded me of this story of when we moved to rural Georgia:

We met our neighbor's son who had a tattoo announcing himself as "rude boy." He wasn't rude, he was friendly enough for a passing neighborly relationship.

One day our family was coming home from an early evening outing, we drove up to our house on acreage and a very young police man waived us up the drive to come up to the house. Then he rushed us into the house seeming to want to explain a situation details. We saw out the back window that there was another policeman, then more cops pulling up our drive. They rushed up to other police huddled around the blue plastic kiddie pool by the back fence. 

They had their guns pulled, and approached to it cautiously.  The lead policeman threw back the pool and our "rude boy" neighbor was crouched underneath. 

One gun had a laser beam focused on his forehead.
Scary moments. Real-like Cops Show action unfolding in our yard, ...where my kids played.

Fortunately he was smart and he cooperatively allowed himself to be escorted into a car and driven away.

We never saw him again.

The original policeman had left us at some point, and came back after the excitement to explain it was a pot sale gone bad, panic precluded a chase, the perp misjudged the way to his own backyard from the woods behind our houses while on foot chase and ended up next to our kiddie pool after hopping our fence, thinking it was a good place to wait it out. It wasn't.

Crazy police activity happens in suburbia too. The house we sold (in a gated community) when we moved to Alabama, had its own story. The buyer, retired detective, just recently lost both his parents and paid for the house in cash. He had a grown handicapped brother who lived with him, and died within the year. According to my friend Marian, who lived next door, this surviving brother apparently got drunk, made threats with guns by shooting out the back door, at no one in particular. So Marians's family was approached by a swat team who asked them to baracade the family in a closet in the further corner of the house from the neighbor. She said they did..for hours. Until told all safe again.
Finally the guy was taken in without further bloodshed. Marian never found out more about the mysterious neighbor.

Speaking of other illegal activity..kidding...but one think about living out in the country, there are cool and different opportunities to take graduation shots. From April 2014.

A nice aspect of country living, you can't help but notice people who live in the country are friendly. Every car or truck we pass on country roads, the other driver waves.

Euly celebrated a big birthday his week: 13! I have three teenagers again, and I love it! Whoever tried to warn me that raising teens would be horrible and scary was wrong. My teens are great! They are helpful, hard working people whom I really enjoy being around. (Same is true for all my kids at all stages).

We celebrated at PFChanges, and didn't realize how awkward the big horse legs look, which had been painted pink for breast cancer awareness month.
Have a fantastic weekend!

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