Thursday, October 30, 2014

Theme Thursday - Cracks, we got 'em

Yay Theme Thursday is back!

I missed last week because we were on our get away, and I'm applying this post to the Nice Job Theme because we closed on the property we've been waiting to buy all year.
So, nice job, Tim our realtor for making it happen. Short sales be the devil.
Nice job, me and my family, patience is not our best virtue, but we made it!

So the house we bought has some remodel needs. It has lots of problems, stemming from foundational issues from when the two homes were added together. It is a long house and the ends weren't supported so when the previous owner ran out of money, he gave up on it.  There are many other problems and things incomplete. So, because of foundation issues, we got cracks...

Wall cracks

 Ceiling Cracks

Floor cracks

 And concerned we might have a tank crack, we had a brand new propane tank installed
It will all be repaired soon enough. 
I have a good sheetrock and plaster guy, I'm looking for a good tile guy!

We are enjoying repairing and cleaning what we are able and we just emptied the last of the junk the previous owners left with the property. Two truck beds full!
Every muscle is sore but wake up eager  to get start again. 
Enough to make us all crack a smile!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Last Christmas I came across the perfect gift for my husband, a chance to drive a real race car on a real track. He chose the Homewood Florida track to redeem gift so that we could make a weekend getaway just us two, we haven't had a get away -traveling by airplane- just us two in over twenty two years. We usually like to take the kids with us when we travel. 
This trip was so nice to have a break from keeping up with someone else. And I'm sorry if that sounds selfish. But I had the luxury of being a companion to a traveler who travels more than 150 flights a year, yes more than two legs a week. He knows the way to get through airports quickly. 
So we had airline points, hotel points, flight upgrades, pre check to make the traveling smooth and painless. It was delightful. I just had to follow him, only responsible for my purse, we had no problems or delays. No backpacks, potty breaks, snack allotment and entertainment planning of others.
To make this possible, my lovely daughter Molly was left in charge back home. 
She was able to take the kids to a friend's house so she could get her studying in, had them fed, took them to church. 
The kids were in good hands, and Molly had a peak at full time managing a household.

Just perfect.

It was raining in Florida our first night and next day. It is such a beautiful place. I love to look at stormy seas, we enjoyed it. The race day was postponed due to the rain until Saturday, so we took the chance to relax and recharge on Friday.

These race pictures should speak for themselves. My husband has been a fan of and involved in racing longer than I've known him. There is a love of fast cars and fast driving in the fabric of his family. He had a Chevy Luv pick up when we started out together that was a local street car, that went fast.(no more details since I am not a racing fast car enthusiast. Opposites attract I guess).
He had a good friend he helped with top fuel drag cars, and did quite a bit of drag racing on and off the track on his youth. He had a late model race car while in Alabama when Molly was a baby.
So this was a perfect opportunity to do what he loves, race around, and enjoy speeding without fear of a ticket.

The program is very safe. And very real. They start with drivers training and safety rules. The driver is in the real Nascar race car alone. A driving coach is up in the stands, connected to you by ear phones spotting other cars and watching your speed and time. We were told top speed for the track and with the rev govenor (speed control) was around 158 mph. Craig's time was 158.48, no surprise. He passed three others cars which is amazing because they weren't allowed to pass in the corners. He had a fantastic time. I had fun being the cheering fangirl cheering him on from the pits.

We had a great time just being together. He travels so much, and I know there are times he would like me to accompany him, but with mothering commitments I can't make it happen. I am so thankful this trip worked out. 
We came home refreshed and happy and, I really hate to admit, five pounds heavier, because we did enjoy the fine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. 

So here it is retold in photos.

Coconut palm

Not Criag..we stopped to watch youth cart racing outside the Homewood race track.

After a long wait, almost time!

The spotters/driving instructors/pit crew:

Craig's in the far yellow Dollar General car.

After the exhilarating experience:
I could sit here all the time:
(Despite the screw top wine- which we had a good laugh over- Shula's is a nice place with a million dollar view).
When traveling, we enjoy the reality of our Universal Church. The parishioners of St. Sebastians are kind and offer transportation to and from local hotels for mass.

What a difference when the sun comes out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

HMNS Science day: just barely avoided information overload

We only have seven museum science days in a school year. It seems that the museum and supporting activities and exhibits would like to cram a school year's worth of data into those seven days. Not that that would be a bad thing, I'm happy it's very full. Add all the social interaction and it leads to saturation of information by day's end.

This month's science day included study of Portuguese sea explorers, swamp animals (with one to pet: alligator, snake, frog, turtle and fish), navigation studies, rock formations(made a compass), and a
tour of the Battleship Texas exhibit. 
And caught up with friends' lives and football at lunch.

A great lunch and running off steam after is the best way to avoid information overload. Have a high protein breakfast helps concentration in the morning. Being able to relax once home after long drive from the city, talking and reviewing all they learned, helps to retain information. Ceci just now told me a long explanation about a type of frog that keeps its young in its mouth to help it eat (lots of details thrown in). 

From Internet search:-

Lilly hung out with me. We rode train, played at parks and played around museum and go to the Texas exhibit.

We spotted this art exhibit of strange shapes at the park. Strange blobs with bad posture.

Battleship Twxas exhibit was interesting. We had great documents who work at the museum and knew so much or rather everything about the ships. The one in San Jacinto is Texas II and battled in World War I and World War II, the only ship to do this. First to have radar, first to launch (bycatapult) a plane from the ship. 

Silver punch bowl with Stephen F Austin and Sam Houston as handles, donated by the people of Waco,

And we saw this guy hanging outside. He lives in the butterfly rainforest.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What do you get when you have three teenagers in the house?

Lots of sass. Lots of silliness. Lots of laughs!

Euly turned 13! And we had a birthday week of celebrating.

We had a party at Skyzone and many of Euly's friends came. They played dodge ball the whole two hours and it was hard to see them, so I took pics to the ones I was near.

Happy birthday sweetie!