Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Recap in 7 Quick Takes

1. We had a good week of school despite being spattered with and interrupted by dentist and orthodontist appointments, scout meetings, committee meetings, and CCD meetings, with duties reaching out from the volunteer positions I hold, to create reports, order supplies and run down incomplete information. Productive week.

2. The apartment life in which we are living leaves time to get these other things done while still able to get a good portion school complete. We added Spanish to our schedule this week. I look forward to the busy action of taking care of home and property again, hopefully we can keep the busy school pace as well.

3. The first lesson of Spanish taught them, "Yo hablo EspaƱol." Meaning "I speak Spanish," only they don't yet. So when they try it out, it invites all kinds conversation starters in Spanish ...that they can't understand....since they don't really habla very much.  Must have been designed that way on purpose to encourage crazy conversations.

4. Sunday school starts Sunday and this year I coordinate, and don't teach. I will substitute and be available. I am happy for the change. I hope to follow my kids' classes closer. Euly and Nick move on to a class on church history, Ceci on catechism, Lilly out with me. Good teachers and fantastic materials for all the classes. I am really looking forward to this Sunday school year!

5. My older kids are showing an improvement in their independent work. We have hit a balance of (me) allowing them to design their own work schedule and (kids) rising and meeting the challenge of getting it all done. Smoothly and staying on target, so far. 

Not liking that they grow up, but loving that since they do, they are growing up with a responsible work ethic! :)

6. The ortho visit was surprisingly pleasant with accolades on results, I'm disappointed with 2/3 of the girls' dental visit. Darn missed flossing. Here again, they get better and more responsible as they get older. (Euly was perfect!). So I have to take responsibility for the missed flossing of the younger girls.

They gave me a Super Mom sticker and I felt like refusing it: undeserved. My dental drama lives on.

7. I have a quiet weekend planned with my sweetie back from his business trip.Today is the 32nd anniversary of our first date. Funny to recall those many years ago, he was late and we missed the high school football game. It was a double date, a set up, not blind date since we had known each other for years. His friend Jon and my friend Sandy were behind it all.  We went out to eat and then on to my high school after game dance. I remember his confused expression as the "dancers" were jumping up and down to Devo. He was hoping to find something to two step. Our different regions of Austin were vastly different cultures.

Happy weekend & 
Happy feast of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta!

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