Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Study of Living Things

Experiments are our favorite part of science. With Biology, there are unlimited experiments we can try. Life, and the study of are best experiments because it cover everything around us.

We are using Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology and the module 2 experiment is the study of bacteria growth.

We start with four jars, with a little starter: rice, cooked egg yolk, good soil and hay. Then add pond water and wait and observe. Euly has always had an interest in the study of life, and look control of this experience from the start. Even scrounging up and preparing the jars.

I had a few eager volunteers to get the water. We aren't familiar with the parks and ponds close to where we are living now, and had some extra fun trying out a new-to-us park.

Our experiment may fail to produce bacteria, as our water source was more creek than pond. Euly did get it from a slower spot and from the bottom of the water.

My kids love nature, exploring. Spending time in the woods, creeks, rivers and oceans have been our best family experiences. Lilly has been a little more cautious than the rest. She seems to worry a bit more about what she may encounter, and imagines sounds of bears, wolves or deer than may want to cause her harm. She also gets hot sooner than the rest. If I plan ahead for outings and have cold water on hand she usually adjusts and gets in the fun.

This park had a crazy play area with this three story slide. The girls said it was fun, but it was a rough experience. Look at that drop, a free fall, to a hard turn at the bottom where they bunched up on each other. I'd imagine, on a busy day it must get crazy. 


 Two Weeks later...
The specimens took off, especially the bacterial growth with the egg. They also were motivated to look around to other items to examine.

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