Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Day book

Outside my window...we woke up Saturday in Austin to 60 degrees. It was a lovely surprise. 
not too cold to miss out of swinging in Papa and Grandma's yard.

By the time we reached Houston, it was a balmy 75. Still wonderful. Today turned out to be a perfect day for a nature walk.

I am thinking...about how I love my kids, and I love time spent individually with each of my kids. Euly and I went for a nature walk, looking at tree and leaf samples, observing a variety of insects, a few large mammals, and taking pictures. 

I am praying for..peace in the Middle East and the world.

I am be an American! And for term limits! And for hope and resilient spirits. 

In the kitchen...baked some old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. I haven't baked in a very long I didn't discover we were out of vanilla until batter was almost done. I love how the apartment smells.

I am dental visits for two of my girls and for myself this week, a few more meetings for volunteer positions, and school. 

I am wondering...what we will do for sports and entertainment when the weather cools the pool to the point it's too cold for the kids to swim. (It's there for me!) It has been a great summer of swimming accomplishment and fun! I am thinking of loading up the bikes for a ride around a local park.

I am reading..Lord of the Rings, still and almost done, and Acts of the Apostles as read aloud. Notes from
 a Blue Bike for me. We are planning on starting Arabian Nights this week.

I am listening to...Teaching Company class on Augustine's Confessions. 

I am hoping...we hear good news about a close date for the property.

I am looking forward to...getting this phase of short sale behind us. I would love to live in our house before fall really kicks in.

I am learning
....Spanish again. It is fun, muy divertido, to relearn along with the kids. I love to hear them practice. We have another family learning with us so we can practice out loud.

I am watching...Manor House via Amazon Prime. A reality show where volunteers agree to live and work in a English manor run how it would be 100 years ago in Edwardian England. It really makes us wonder at employee rights and benefits and how they have evolved over the past century. Also, teaches about the period and helps us realize how well done Downton is.
Manor House

Which is time of Susan B Anthony in America...when and where she spend most of her life fighting for women's right to vote, and other freedoms, and died fourteen years before it was achieved. 

We've come a long way baby!! 

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...from Susan B Anthony the heroine of the suffrage movement, earning women the equal right to vote. Think of her perspective:

"Resolved, that women of this nation in 1876 have greater cause for discontent, rebellion and revolution than the men of 1776."

Her rally cries and quotes fit perfectly in our present day struggles:

" Independence is happiness."
" Failure is impossible."
" I always distrust people who know so much about what God wants them to do to their fellows..."
"Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry." 

One of my favorite things...Find My IPhone app. It helps us find our phone when we misplace them, and we can check in on the family travelers' progress without bothering them with the distraction of a text.

I am pondering...a conversation that started off because of my scapular. Sometimes I go into detail about the scapular, sometimes I just say it is a prayer. This time it was not necessary because the gentleman not only knew what a scapular was, and he knew when "Her" birthday was and mentioned his trouble finding a Latin Mass. Well, did I have good news for him!

Something that made me laugh, chuckle..I hate talking about money and I hate talking to other people about money. This is not a trait Ceci inherited from me.

We are having a capital campaign at our parish to build a church. Some of the organizers thought of a great way for children to get Involved and encourage then to give and develop a love for supporting the church.

Build a church
 At Sunday school Ceci's teacher encouraged the students to start collecting funds for the campaign. Ceci took it to heart and starting asking our neighbors at the apartment. 

She collected over $30 in a few minutes until her sister told her were aren't suppose to solicit people at the complex. I know there is probably a no solicitation rule. I would not have encouraged her to go in the first place, but pleased with the result and that she started her box off healthily.

It's an awkward thing to ask, but the sweetness and innocence of her request brought out a yes from everyone she asked. I asked her if she told them church details, she said they just smiled and gave. 


  1. That's a sweet story about your daughter Ceci soliciting help for the church. Isn't it amazing how children have fewer inhibitions than we do :-)

    And hey! I haven't visited in a while, but that is a touching header photo!

    1. Welcome back, Marcia!
      Thank you, it's one of my favorites. I feel the same way at the beach.

  2. Beautiful pictures and words, my friend...
    I love your love of family!