Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lilly in her Lilliness

Passing a couple on our way into Costco
Lilly yells hello. The gentleman is closer to her and says hello back, enthusiastically.
She mutters under her breath...
"Well, I already have a boyfriend."

Later I asked her who was this boy friend. She answered, incredulous:
"I'm too little to have a boyfriend."

Lilly was asked to be a flower girl in a wedding. When I told her, she proceeded to go into her closet and bring out, professionally held I must say, all her summer dresses, arranging them on the bed. I asked her what she was doing,
"Trying to decide which dress to wear to the wedding."

I told her she would get a special dress to wear. We had to go get measured. When we walked into the bridal store, Lilly was walking on a cloud. The saleswoman greeted Lilly, shook her hand and led her back to try on dresses. if Lilly was the bride to be.

Lilly and Ceci tried on pretty princess dresses and veils and tiaras before they were measured for their dresses to order. They didn't have the flower girl dress to try, so we played with other styles. 

My sister, mother of the groom, and my niece, a bridesmaid, met us at the store to play in this girly dreamland. We looked at mother of the groom dresses, the bridesmaid dress and the gown the bride will wear. 

How easy it is to get swept in the excitement! 
I have four girls, we've never talked in detail about weddings before, my three younger girls haven't yet attended a wedding. This experience opened up some fun and exciting conversations.

What do you think she is thinking?


  1. Sweetness at its purest, as always -- your darling Lilly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So sweet! My youngest is 7 and dreams of being a flower girl. Sadly, I don't think that dream will come true for her...

    When I was a flower girl, I didn't want to mess up the aisle by throwing flower petals so I didn't throw them...I wanted the bride to walk down a clean aisle : )