Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Counting Gifts: through Summer 2014

5300 Being involved. As much as I get in over my head volunteering. I admit to myself, I'd rather be involved than sitting out.
99 Cc has learned to braid

98 Viva la Papa!!
Pope Francis
The only war that we must all fight is the one against evil 

97 "To understand Christian scripture you need to live a Christian life."
S.A. course
96 Taking matters in my own hands.
95 online coupon success.
94 pizza delivery.
93 Saint Augustine.
92 Gift of Christianity .
91 world view from an ancient world perspective.
90 "Idle hands are the devils playground." So we are trying to keep as busy as we can.
89 Learning so much and taking advantage of time on our hands.
88 An afternoon visit to Betty's.
87 Apartment friends
86 Molly's good judge of character.
85 I love how Lilly calls her steps stool her "staircase".
84 Bible study conversations with the kids.
83 Great Courses online access of my DVD orders that are sitting in storage. Yay!
82 Realizing just how much you want something that you haven't control over and knowing the only resource is prayer.
81 Summer rain
80 Scooter-ing
79 Thank you cookie gift from our neighbor

78 Hanging out with Lilly on a labor free day.

77 That even the bad days do finally come to an end.
76 Talking myself out of the crazy thoughts
75 Ready made guac from Costco
74 Being out in nature

73 Cc's mani's

72 Long phone call catch up with my sister.
71 When the girls are getting along. 
70 Great afternoon of planning and dreaming.
69 Visiting with an old friend.
68 Cc...!
67 Seven business days stretched as far out as possible. 
66 Good news...
just when I knew it would come.
65 Max send off

64 a bit of Tennessee in my home!

63 Last week with Max
62 Friendly visits
61 Turning air down to snuggle w blankets w Cc and Lilly
60 Fun pool colors

59 Breakfast date

58 Craig's promotion 
57 The attention and feedback after Craig's promotion 
56 Lilly at it again
Making friends at the hotel pool
"Mom, everybody loves me!"
55 Trading in points
54 Lilly adventurous spirit at water parks:
Fun and a great work out.
53 Brick walls
52 Taking a vacation break
51 Euly and Emily's friendship 
50 "Remember when I was a baby and I was one and I got lost in the woods and Santa found me and brought me home?"
No I don't remember that, Lilly!
49 Three sets of friends.

48 Watching Lilly play with her friends:
She hugs then, shares with then and tells them she loves them. So sweet.
47 Wanting the faith of Noah, to work hard on the sunny days with no chance of rain.
46 Sending Nick to work on the property..he is always happy he went, even if not excited to go. 
Boys need to work.
45 One last summer vacation to plan.
44 School planning I'm excited about.
43 A full weekend of not all.
42 Lilly finally well enough to attend mass, even tho she slept through it.
41 Borrowed Cc's pool tinted polish
40 Father back to preach his sermons..we really missed him.
39 A Chuys swirl
and no more red face to stop me!!!
38 The two older ones off for an excursion together
37 Chilln after swimmn
36 Wiped out
35 Friends to play little critters with.
34 Any chance we get
33 At least five degrees of BFF going in here
32 Silly friendships
31 Conversations about suicide and loneliness 
30 How Lilly makes friends with everyone, I mean every single person we come across.
29 My sweetie and our daily snuggles
28 Swimming whenever we want, well, with in hours and none on Monday.
27 Homeschooling freedom.
26 HS find
Explaining the mass to children
Learn something new every day
25 Allowing distractions
24 A willing student
23 "We praise Thee,
We bless Thee,
We glorify Thee,
We give thanks,
O Lord God Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world."
22 Learning about fish oils to help the brain.
21 A whole different perspective
20 Listening to myself whine
Oh, time to grow up 
19 Finding comfort through prayer 
18 #Mementomortis 
17 #Requiescantinpace
16 School planning therapy planning Ccd planning 
In the zone 
15 Property progress
14 A very good shepherd
13 Watching couple at pool with their little baby love and play in the water:
Joy and happiness
12 Dinner from a truck #apartmentlife
11 Euly to accompany me on a sorrowful journey
10 Gravesite songs
Three Latin masses in one week with three different priests
Defending the castle with other sweet kids

Sisters sticking together thru thick and thin against neighborhood
6 We made it to the end if this day. Dear Lord. Thank you.
Surviving challenges in parenting.
4 It's only's only's only hair 
Having to survive college panic yet again.
My excuse for not wanting to get up this morning:
Sweet sick girl on my shoulder.

Not wanting to say 
"I wish I had ..

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