Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A few things on our Catholic faith

I came across a few items on the internet this week that I really want to share with you...

Our pastor was featured in an interview with Texas Catholic Herald this last week.
These are my favorite exerts:

TCH: What would you consider the most rewarding aspect(s) of being a priest?

Father Van Vliet: A rewarding aspect of being a priest is being able to absolve the penitents of their sins and give them the Body, Blood Soul and Divinity of our Lord in Holy Communion. Administering the Sacraments and seeing to the spiritual needs of the parish is very rewarding.

TCH: Do you have any words of wisdom or insight for those discerning the priesthood or religious life?

Father Van Vliet: If you feel you have a vocation, do all you can to protect it and discern it. 

Pray frequently, go to confession regularly and avoid activities that can endanger it ... Strive after purity of mind and body, for this disposes us better to discern His will. You should also seek a spiritual director to help in the discernment process.

We are so blessed with a wonderful priest.
If you are interested in helping build a church in Houston, our new parish celebrating only in the traditional rite, under Rome, go here to learn more about our campaign.

The FSSP priests are of a distinct and special character and style, all different, yet all with such singular focus and love for Christ and the Holy Mass. We have been blessed to have known so many.

Our pastor while we were at the FSSP parish St. Francis de Sales in Mableton Georgia, was Father Fromageot. Here is an interview with Father Fromageot about his call to the priesthood.
My favorite lines are about his parents' reaction, not to him becoming a priest, but the choice to be a priest in the traditional order.

And then we can learn so much and be inspired by our friends in the faith.
Danny Manthei passed away August 10, just six days after recording this video where he talks about his faith, his life and recommends books to read, and inspires us to live our faith to the fullest in our faith.

Please say a prayer for Danny and for his sweet widow Sonia and their four young children.

God bless you!

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