Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Daybook

Outside my's hot. It's the hottest part of the year and it's horrible uncomfortable to be outdoors. I really feel for people who have to make a living working outdoors. It's painfully hot, dehydrating hot outside. Craig, Nick and Euly worked at the church property Saturday, collecting and burning brush. As it if wasn't hot enough already.

I am thinking...about missing Tao Kwon Do. I didn't realize how much I needed all the stretches. We are trying to re plan our school days to include exercise in the morning, since the mid day homeschool class is too disruptive to our days.

I am praying for..persecuted Christians in Iraq and around the world.

I am thankful...for this blessed life! 

In the kitchen...we are cooking up all kinds of goodies today. Euly and I went to Costco, forgetting how small the apartment refrigerator actually is. So we are mixing up, baking and cooking up goodies to eat in the week. Craig made a fruit salad with yogurt, honey and vanilla. Delicious!

I am creating...well, not creating, re stuffing my favorite chair pillows because they exploded feathers all over the place yesterday.
I am Galveston to help settle Max in for the start of his senior fall  semester. 

I am reading...aloud Sounder and Judy's Journey. When you read Lois Lenski, do you ham up the accents? 

I am watching..sailing movie
Kon Tiki a movie about Norwegian explorers to personally recreate the journey of Pre Colombian Polynesian native across the Pacific from Peru to the Polynesian Islands.

Maidentrip following a two year voyage of Laura Dekker as the youngest person to sail around the world alone. Starting at 14. 14!

I am listening to...sermons on Audio Sancto (thanks for the reminder Jennifer!).

I am learning...about brain therapy, and how to implement exercises In
 Brain Integration therapy Manual. I'm pulling a post together with my recent discoveries.

Around the house...something has happened on the short sale. The mortgage company  requested all contracts and supporting documents, and promised an answer within 15-30 days. 

I am pondering...the debate and discussions from this last week inspired by the suicide of Robin Williams. The Church as a clear position on suicide: it is murder, it is wrong.  We aren't to judge anyone's soul when they die, and those who get to the point on quitting life must be under great distress to make that decision. 
Our hearts are big enough to love and forgive those who take their own lives.  Big enough to love those in pain and agony that are left to deal with the awful aftermath and questions. All souls need our prayers and our prayers are never wasted. It scares me a little to see how many people want to glorify this type of passing, assuring themselves that everyone gains heaven upon any and every death. That's not how it works. "They were in unbearable pain therefore death is justified." Nope. God's Will be done, not ours.
We need to educate ourselves in our faith. We need to acknowledge the existence of heaven and hell and work in this life to attain heaven in the next. To deny the possibility of hell is playing Russian roulette with the fate of our souls. We have the gift from Jesus of The Church to show us the way.

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...this verse during the Canon jumped out at me:

What return shall I make to the Lord for all he hath given unto me? I will take the Chalice of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord. Praising I will call upon the Lord, and I shall be saved from my enemies.

A few plans for the rest of the week...have a productive school week, then a last break in Galveston.

Something that made me laugh, chuckle...Lilly and her enthusiasm for life!

A peek into my day...the girls have been able to wear their dresses to the many church services lately. All of my girls (and me) we able to pick up nice and modest dresses for church at Palais Royal. 

Wishing you a happy week!

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