Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Enjoying Endings and Beginnings

We helped Max get settled in his apartment to start his senior year of college. It is a great home for him. He is so happy and excited about his future. I am so proud of him and so thankful he found his interests young. I could have guessed he'd want to be an engineer back from his work in first grade:

We used this trip to Galveston as our last little vacation get away before we are all in a routine with school. Although this year we are starting with the motivation to get ahead in most subjects to prepare for time off during our next move. We don't have as many extra curricula activities starting off this year so we can make progress quickly.

We tried to avoid the beach, seaweed and stingrays and bad experiences. Euly's foot is still tender at the spot of the  stingray barb that got her last month and seaweed is still all over the beaches and in the warm waters, so we spent an afternoon at Schlitterbahn. Last time we came to this park was Max's first semester and Lilly was a little one that I held the whole time. Now she is an adventurous big girl, with no end of energy. We ride all rides that allowed me to take her. Some she was just too short, not courage, height. The lazy river wasn't exciting enough so she practiced swimming and pulling the raft. I am amazed at her swimming progress this summer!

We did go for an after dinner evening walk on the beach and an early morning visit to say goodbye. No one swam but Lilly got wet slipping in a puddle on the pier.

Since we visit many times during the year, we try to change up the mood of visits. We have stayed at an old "haunted" hotel, the state park on the beach and different hotels around the island. Now, the kids take turns staying with Max at the apartment. They have fun with that "city" life and the rest of us aren't as cramped in a hotel room or rv. 



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