Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All Good Things Must Come to an End

This summer has been full, yet it is always sad to say goodbye to the lazy days and saddle ourselves with the routines of a school year. Even though we homeschool year round, we cannot escape the realities looming in the next weeks: it's school season once again. 

Max will leave for the last time, starting his senior year at Texas A&M. We will go help him get settled in his apartment and have a few carefree days before his semester begins.
Bittersweet, but full of hope and happiness for what his future holds.

Molly begins classes at the local community college for her sophomore year of college. Yes, she just graduated high school. Thank you dual credit. She has a full load of challenging classes while working. We accompany her this semester visiting different degee plans at different universities that have her interest. We have intentionally delayed this process until she had time to refine her interests. 

As it happens, each next kids down from the first grows up faster. I don't know if it is only that I had the oldest front and center of my attention for so many years, then when Max stepped aside, Molly was already a young lady. And here Nick is towering behind her to jump ahead. They were there all along, but I didn't have to acknowledge their maturity and independence until it was inevitable. Nick is studying for his driver's permit. 

The younger three are with me most of the day, as I soak in their youthful joy and share in their childhood fun. We have different adventures than we did with my first set. Different is good. I don't let myself compare and woulda coulda myself into a guilt trip. I love and treasure my time with all my kids. 

We are all in a state of transition, with so many unknowns in our future. And that's okay. 
It's all good.
Every day is a gift.
Especially days we can relax and laugh and enjoy the sunshine, and play in the rain.  And even on those days that find us working hard to complete checklists and make it out the door on time are formative and special. 

I imagine this school year will hold lots of changes and lots of firsts, a permanent move and whole new area of activities to inspire interest and learning. In the meantime, we are working hard to get ahead on our syllabi to be ready for any and all tempting distractions.


  1. Such beautiful thoughts...
    Best wishes and prayers for you all as you begin a new school year.