Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Whole Different Perspective

After hearing some potentially very good news regarding the property, we thought we would visit and see how it's doing. 

Molly hadn't been out to see it since we first found it almost a year and half ago. She took half of these pictures. So many interesting things to capture.

We brought some cleaning items and a broom and made it better than when we arrived. We started making lists of things we will need after closing and spent time out enjoying nature. 

I love how we can see so much of the pretty views of the property from every room! 

I have been cautious about the whole process, trying not to get too excited; then intentionally cautiously optimistic for months, now just plain happily waiting for a final word..!!

Instead of saying if we move,  today I caught myself saying, "when we are living here..."

I am more excited than I thought I would be and I actually now have a count down to when I'll really be delighted...!


  1. Amazing!!!!!
    Look at all that space!!!!!
    Prayers that you and your beautiful family will be nesting there soon. : )

    1. Oh thank you because we still need the prayers!