Friday, August 15, 2014

7 Friday Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for Quick Takes

1. Happy Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven!
My favorite Marian feast! All of us will be able to go to High Mass tonight at our parish. It's rare to have us all together for a mass during the week, and getting more rare. I'm really looking forward to celebrating with my family and my church family. 

Our church family is expanding and getting to know each other better through the capital campaign to raise funds to build a church.  We have met so many families that we might not have otherwise. We have had opportunities to get to know some even better with the added meetings we have had. We are blessed! And we are getting close to our first goal which will get us on the property.

Tonight will be the third Latin Mass I will attend this week celebrated by three different priests. I just find that remarkable and feel so grateful. Not long ago Latin mass wasn't available in our diocese outside on one on Sunday. Sadly one was a Requiem Mass for a father in our parish, because of cancer left behind a lovely wife and four children, the youngest isn't walking yet, the oldest is six. Keep widows in your prayers. 
When I die, I want a Requiem Mass in the traditional Latin rite. Beauty and truth, tears and pain, but celebrating what we all should long for: a happy death.

We have received a change, probably even safe to say, progress in our prospective purchase of the house in short sale. They have to rename this process to a Long Excruciating Game of Risk Waiting for Seller's Mortgage Company to Determine Your Fate as Nameless People Take Their Own Sweet Time Deciding Whether They Will Sell the House or Not.
I have renewed hope, which is great news for my steadfast husband, who never waivers, and must tire of watching his wife flit around and battle impatience.

My college kids both took summer classes, which end today, and have to quickly jump in to the mode for fall planning. Max starts his senior year of college. He has some great hopeful opportunities for securing a job when he is finished in May. These are the last days of his last lazy summer hanging out at home with his parents(while working full time). No sadness, all excitement as he begins his journey. I am so proud of him and his hard work. I am so excited for him as he reaches his goals. 

Molly has a full load starting up at the community college. She is taking some interesting classes and will be at a campus many of her friends will be attending. We need to plan some college visits to see where she's like to transfer next year. 

Molly is sporting a new look for the last days of summer

The rest of the kids have already started school. Nicholas is a motivated student this year. Makes me so happy to see us start off with motivation and excitement! Apartment life has opened our schedule with no yard work or time consuming household chores, the kids are happy to jump into school since our schedules are open. It's been good for me to focus on something other than why I thought a short sale would go quickly. 

6. Apartment life has been an adjustment, but there are many good things about our temporary residence. The pool for starters. Lilly is a swimmer now. She has confidence and jumps in. Having a pool accessible to us has made all the difference. My other kids learned to swim at much younger  ages than Lilly is now. And she has always been the most cautious of my kids yet. So to see her joyfully jump in and swim about with confidence makes my heart happy.

There are many people here in the same situation we are, waiting for a house, in some stage of transition. People around here make friends easily. My kids crave to be outside, so they have met most of our neighbors coming and going. They have met all the dog owners that live here, since the dogs also crave to be outside. They know all the names of the dogs. Another family with lots of kids moved in above our apartment and have provided good friendships for Ceci and Lily. 

Our dogs are doing well and enjoying life on the ranch with Miss Betty. We are so grateful to her for her help. The best things out of this home purchase delay has been the time we have spent with her out at the property, helping with odd chores for her animals, and sharing life stories.

Happy Feast Day! Happy Friday! Have a refreshing weekend!


  1. Happy Feast Day to you!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of summer. : )

  2. Hoping things fall into place for your house! We are trying to figure out our moving plans and are considering renting as well, so I may need to get your apartment info!