Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Friday Quick Takes - times are changing

1. Good news on the house buying front: we received approval things should start moving forward this month...holding our breath in excitement...!!!

2. It is a season of change around here with Max heading back to school, most likely only to return for visits, no more moving back home. He has his own apartment and is in negotiations for a job after graduation. Praise God! Number one has officially left the nest.
3. Craig's job changed. So the way it is with him, a job change is usually accompanied by a move, maybe karma from all our relocation job changes over the years. Haha. If something is going to change, then everything should change.

The kids played at their old friends' house last week, down the street from our old house. Molly usually takes them and brings them home. This time I picked them up. It was weird to drive down the streets I drove down for eight years of my life. The car seemed to drive on auto pilot, it felt so familiar that it felt very strange. The kids talked me into driving by our old house. Turning on our old street made my stomach hurt. Everything looked the same, it just wasn't ours anymore. The new owners were having new carpet installed and the little neighbor girl told me they painted over my faux painted walls. They thought it looked camo. I laughed at that. I guess it could have looked that way to them. No hurt feelings, it's their house. 

 I am thankful the kids keep up these friendships.

5. My youngest cousin moved to our area from Tennessee this week. We had them over for dinner last night, and it turned out to be her birthday. My oldest sister came and we had a very full table. It was delightful to have a bit of Tennessee here. These visits and catch up on everybody happen only when we visit there. Listening to them talk with their distinct middle Tennessee southern accents just made me so happy! They are brave adventurous souls moving to such a large city, and  possess optimism and excitement to take on the world. 

Hoping for a cooling of temperatures to match the "fall" goings on...looks like we will stay in the 90's for a while. Ready to say goodbye to August.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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