Friday, July 25, 2014

Theme Thursday: Trails

Nick's Philmont trip highlights
...a 90-mile plus of challenging and uphill trek on rocky, wet, slippery, and uphill terrain under rainy, stormy, hail-y conditions with temperatures in the high 30's to 40's. 

Nick had a great time! I am so happy to have pics from the trails to see his experience. 

Starting off at base camp..

Okay, we can't ever complain about bathroom privacy again. Agreed?
A welcomed refreshing sight.

Refuge from the rain. Two scouts over six foot shared this tent.

It rained on them most days in the mountains. Nick's rainwear was worn out when he returned home.

They had stops along the way for activities. Some were team building activities, nature conservation, mining, Indian artifacts, dinosaur footprints, build a railroad and work with a blacksmith.

The last morning they were up at 3 a.m to start the final trail to base camp. Nick said they were so happy they practically ran the last few miles.

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