Sunday, July 6, 2014

Counting Gifts

5100 a day at the property

99 Craig's singular focus and unshakeable determination: the sign I asked for.
98 Nine years of Ceci.
97 A dog party, big dogs, little dogs, black and white dogs and their friendly owners.
96 Being able to spend a lot of time with this guy

95 Eagle Board of Review- DONE!!

94 Safe drives for so many miles
93 A birthday day at the property

92 " True joy comes from a profound harmony between persons, something which we all feel in our hearts and which makes us experience the beauty of togetherness, of mutual support along life’s journey. But the basis of this feeling of deep joy is the presence of God, the presence of God in the family and his love, which is welcoming, merciful, and respectful towards all."
91 "Pick me up... My legs are dead"

90 Fresh windjammers just for me
89 Splashtown
 88 Little girls watching Frozen together

87 celebrating Independence Day
86 Ceci and me sharing icing and cupcake separately
85 Lilly
"It's the best day ever!"
Said almost every day
84 "Rejoice cause your names are written in heaven."
Mother Angelica
83 Done with this round of dental visits... Until the end of the month
82 a good ole comfy couch
81 Lilly focus and ability to soak it in

80 really good enchiladas del mar
79 Eleanor Roosevelt in  1938
"What we need in the world is manners...I think that if instead of preaching brotherly love, we preached good manners, we might get a little further. It sounds less righteous and more practical."
78 witnessing an act of determination

77 Beatrix Potter
"Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality."
76 these girls and their unique personalities and special friendship

75 Detectable muscular improvements 
74 Praying after mass with different families leading the rosary
73 Peace that comes with praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
72 Lessons from Carmelites

71 Ceci fashionista
70 Ceci's joy at being pampered for her bday 
69 "It is trust and nothing but trust that must lead us to love." St Therese 
68 soliciting volunteers 
67 Some political wins for Life
66 getting Max started
65 daily/ or every other daily vinegar
64 Open house annonimity shopping
63 reaffirming our dream is still our goal
62 family rosary with tangible intentions 
61 surviving a night of insomnia
60 Nick's stature and respect 
59 Ceci reading to me
58 Sleeping with Lilly's legs warming the small of my back
Love snuggling w her
57 electronic device that tells me my kids are safely home
56 yellow belts
55 hitting the exercise room with Craig
54 "hold my hand while I sleep."
53 kids invited

52 Committee meeting went well..
At least we had answers 
51 dr v saying it wasn't as bad as I feared, I will try to have hope
50 Knowing these problems and delays are manageable
49 rainy days changing everything 
48 raising girls I can trust
47 late day library run
46 knowing Tim is rooting for us
45 having built in mental diversions

44 having fun w my girls
43 That my kids like each other and don't pick on each for sport 
42 Loves swimming

41 Random alarm
Getting me moving earlier than I thought I would
40 Peaceful sound of girls sleeping in in the morning in my room
39 Molly making dinner for us, always delicious
38 Health kick  and having a Spouts nearby

37 Craig helping Nick prepare for Philmont, I know that up'd his chance for survival
36 Okay Lilly, we have to leave the pool in five about six?  
Easy negotiations sure, six
Next day Lilly we have to leave the pool in five minutes, ... How about sixteen.
Oh no, already trying to out negotiate me

35 Ceci taking care of Lilly at the pool
34 That some of my kids are so innocent that they just can not understand why people sin...on purpose.
33 Lilly and her friends around the apartment, of all ages.
32 Taking them swimming every single day, except Monday, when we learn patience.

31 Being able to set back the buyer wife with not only having six kids but that yes, my yongest is four.

30 Kid tower

29 Having a good friend also be my realtor

28 "Want to hear a miracle cure for everything that ailes you?... Cheer up."
Sam from The Paradise

27 I love how Lilly has no fear of other people, (as long as I am right there) visiting, introducing herself, and us, righting wrongs, comforting strangers (even though she doesn't know the meaning of the word stranger).

26"I'm bored." No more.

25 Silly ole cows bedding down by the road.

24 Family time tonight included dinner, a visit with neighbors and their dogs, a swim, visit with neighbors and dogs again, xbox, kitchen cleaning, laundry, folding and bedding. I'm liking this downsizing.

23 Silly unicorn sighting

22 Text update

21 Last load 

20 Bye summer lake you were a great home for us

19 Remnants of a tea party Molly gave for the girls

18 Lilly

17 Walking out of comfort zone one step at a time

16 Getting up early to make breakfast for Max before he goes to work

15 Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

14 Kids make friends fast in an apartment

13 Raising sons that stop and let a woman by on a sidewalk wishing more mamas raised better boys to grow to be better men.

12 Having raised sons that stop and help someone in need, in big things or  in small gestures.

11 "Can they play flashlight tag?" Kendall

10 Gathering the have-to-have items for the apartment. Seeing what is most important to each of us.

9 Remembering all the reason we made this decision in the first place

8 Trying to say all my good byes

7 Girls swimming together

6 Ice cream lady sitting at the end of our driveway with the music blaring for the last time because the kids aren't home. Craig said his goodbyes.

5 A refreshing break from unpacking

4 Father Walker priestly example lof sacrifice, may he rest in peace and may our culture come together in prayer for his soul. May he be a saint for the fssp

3 Being married to Mr Incredible

2 First night done out having my morning coffee on the patio thinking this will work for a while wishing insomnia didn't have me up at 3 am still have lots to do today.

5001 As we pulled over to stop while a funeral procession passed, I was reminded of riding in the procession for my grandmother's funeral and how people in Tennessee were not just pulled over but many were standing out of their cars with their hats over their hearts.

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