Closer Look at Nature Class: mosquitofish

...otherwise known as Gambusia
or as my kids call them guppies, feeder fish,

The class assignment today was to fish out and gather Gambusia and shrimp from Myrtle's Pond to transfer and introduce to the new pond by the nature center.

We have not attended classes at Kleb Woods in a long time, and we were so excited to see that Mr. Collins was to teach the class. He is so good with children, welcomes every question from every age person. I sometimes think he prefers the questions and observations of children. Mine have learned so much, and are always inspired about loving nature after being at this nature preserve.

On our way, Mr. Collins picked up the fishing net, and paused when he saw this bug. He identified it as a "true bug" not to be used carelessly. He didn't know what kind, looking up at home it seems to be an Assassin Bug, Microtomus purcis, a predator, good bugs for the garden. They feed on other insects. The red on the hind leg is distinctive for this species.
They are found in the southern states of the US. They hide in bark on trees when not eating.

Mr. Collins was very careful not to touch the bug, he noted nature had warning colors: red, yellow and orange, usually mean be careful, it probably bites.

Myrtle's Pond
always glowing green

Readying the pond water by removing water bugs (to protect fish during transport).

A couple floaters recovered after the initial shock of the move.

Euly always jumps right in,
Lilly not so much.

Shrimp plants in bloom all around hummingbird gardens.

Kleb has active birder activities recording all species spotted each day.
Looking forward to more classes in the fall.


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