Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ceci turned 9! And how we are spending our days

We celebrated Ceci's birthday and the birthday of our country this weekend.
This sweet little joyful girl turned 9. She is so creative and funny. She had her birthday planned out and was so appreciative for every gift and thing we did for her, starting with breakfast in bed.  I love hanging out with Ceci, she makes me cool just knowing her.

We spent part of her day visiting the property we are trying to buy. 

"Pick me up, my legs are dead."

We are getting a little tired of the delays and had a glimmer of hopeful news on Monday, just to be delayed a bit longer. We are hoping all is in God's time, and trying our best to fill our days with good activities and actions.

We dropped Nick off for Philmont and we are praying for 
Nick's and his other troop members' safety on their Philmont adventure. They did arrive in New Mexico safely and should begin their journey tomorrow.
Here is an itinerary of their 65.5 mile hike.
DistanceElevation ChangeActivities
Day 1Opening Campfire
Day 21.5 miles100 feet upSee Tyrannosaurus Rex Track; Ranger Training; Trail Camp
Day 38.5 miles1200 feet up
Archaeology, Tour Petroglyphs, Atlatl @ Indian Writings; Trail Camp
Day 44 miles300 feet down
Challenge Events @ Dan Beard; Homesteading, Evening Entertainment
Day 57 miles800 feet up/200 down
Hike over Wilson Mesa; Company Meeting Campfire @ Pueblano; Trail Camp
Day 64 miles2200 feet upGold Mining, Panning, Blacksmithing @ French Henry; Trail Camp
Day 79.5 miles1700 up/1700 down/600 upSide Hike Baldy Mountain, Visit Historic Baldy Town; Trail Camp
Day 811 miles2000 feet downTrail Camp
Day 97 miles1200 feet down/600 feet upTrail  have Camp, Conservation
Day 108 miles200 feet upRock Climbing & Rappelling, Climbing Gym, Bouldering Wall
Day 1110 miles1000 feet up/900 down
Visit Waite Phillips Hunting Lodge & Demonstration Forest; Branding @ Clarks Fork; Dry Camp- Water @ Clarks Fork
Day 125 miles1500 feet downHike in via Tooth Ridge Trail; Awards Campfire

A great group of boys and men are going, they get along well together and all have similar temperaments. Amazing group of young men: three are Eagles. 

One thing I've done in this period of waiting, started a trial of Amazon Prime. I just finished watching a 80's movie series based on plays by Horton Foote:

(Screenwriter for To Kill A Mockingbird and Tender Mercies)
A slow paced tale set in small town Texas, near Houston, filmed in Waxahatchie. 
I hadn't heard of it before, showed up as a suggestion in Amazon Prime. 
I enjoyed it, and was struck and affected by lifestyle of the early 1900's small town Texas. 
A trilogy of three glimpses in the love story of Horace and Elizabeth as they start their relationship, and continue through their marriage which started with an elopement against Elizabeth's family's wishes, but had a marriage filled with love among sufferings, illness and war.
It's worth the time invested. 
We have been spending more time out at the church property and Miss Betty emailed that two new babies lambs were born this morning, so Euly and I went out for a visit. I'm not sure why, but all the lambs born these past two years are born in sets of twins. Miss Betty and Father come up with some creative names. These haven't been christened yet. I heard "cutie pie" was suggested. 

Our parish is a tradition Latin rite parish, at Shower of Roses, Jessica's husband put a booklet together for common questions people have about the Latin Mass. Please check it out, it's well done.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    Prayers for your intentions...the property is beautiful!!!
    And we love Amazon a Prime. : )
    Have a blessed day, my friend...