Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Daybook, Pics, Prayers and Answer Me This thrown in

A peek into my day...Procession for the Feast of a Corpus Christi.

Outside my's one of those humid Houston days when I walk outside and am hit with a hot wall of air and my sunglasses instantly fog up. 
We paid a visit to our vacationing dogs out with Miss Betty and watched the Saturday volunteers remove the goat pen and fencing. The goats were moved across the church property.
Father is driving the dozer removing pesty Chinese Tallow's, Craig is driving the skid steer and a few other volunteers are removing panels of the pen.

I am thinking...about how much I love my silly kids!

I am praying for..Father Walker's soul, his family and his parish and our culture.

I think by now most Catholics have heard the tragic story of the violent death of Father Walker in Arizona.

He visited our parish last August, not yet a priest for two years, but already had the faithful dedication of a FSSP priest. I took this picture from his sermon..

and this while celebrating the Canon of the Mass.

This is a sermon referred to me of his (not while at our parish), but very good to hear on Marcy & Justice.

All the FSSP priests, all Catholic priests, all Catholics and all faithful Christians are affected by the news of the senseless, violent death of Father Walker. The sermon below is given by Father Flood, who heads the FSSP in North America, given at a Requiem Mass in Father Walker's honor.

I am thankful...for the gifts of wonderful FSSP priests! Our parish is deeply blessed by our pastor beyond the wonderful sermons he gives at mass (as you can see in my first photo above). 

In the kitchen...I cooked up simple spaghetti for the girls for an easy dinner. They have been feeling a little under the weather and needed something nourishing but bland for dinner.

I am creating...busy bags and I am behind, but determined to finish them up. I am making something like this: (or not quite...) 

I am watching...(because of a review from Jamie Jo here, )The Paradise BBC Masterpiece for Season 1 on Netflix. I just love Denise! She is a great character with qualities of being ladylike, loyal, hard working, and innocent. 

I am thinking about a view into homeschooling...these Seton videos show homeschooling in a great light. We do not use Seton as our curriculum, but have used some of their workbooks as supplements. I like these videos as an example of how homeschooling looks.

I am to simplify the needs of a home. We are (temporarily?) downsizing a very large home with 4 bedrooms, three car garage, a shop on two acres to a three bedroom apartment, a one car garage and a storage unit. We have gotten rid of so many things, but still have so much more we need to donate, recycle and trash, maybe even sell once I get organized. 
I was so thrilled with our recycle company and the variety of things they took in including old plastic toys, cloth toys, metal (that didn't go to the scrap metal place), every kind of plastic bins and a variety of paper refuse.

There is a local Purple Heart donation drop off not too far away that abuts a much more modest neighborhood. When we placed our items for donation, the neighbors came and asked to take many of the items including clothing, bookcases and such. (They were not interested in Christmas items - the holiday is too far away I'd guess). At first I thought it strange or even a little uncomfortable. But after the second and third drop off, we were excited to see our things absorbed and recycled into the local community. It was much more rewarding than it going to a faceless organization, far more rewarding than a tax donation would be.

Around the house... we closed on the sale of our house the last possible minute Friday afternoon after a couple of strange delays by the buyer's mortgage company. It's done, for a while we were a little concerned. Now we wait...There is scheduled activity on our new home on Monday, any prayers for our family would be appreciated!).

A favorite quote/verse/prayer for today...

One of my favorite things...thinking about and enjoying the experience of others. Craig went on a hot air balloon ride while in California and videoed it with the go-pro. Watching it was enough hot air balloon ride I will ever want. I am happy for the adventurers in my life to share the scuba stories, so I never have to wonder about cave diving; sailing in the Atlantic and soon to hear about Nick's Philmont hiking adventures so I can experience over a week of rigorous hiking vicariously.

For a little fun, I will answer Kendra's questions of the week..

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit? 
At least four years ago. I am due one now, after losing weight last year, the ones I have are too loose to wear in the water. So for now I wear shorts and an exercise shirt, from our river trip. I did try a few on not long ago, but was a little uncomfortable seeing myself in a suit after so many years.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?
My daughter, Molly, on her drive home from work.

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it in the hands or on the tongue?
Only on the tongue. At a traditional Latin Mass, the Host is only offered on the tongue. I still prefer to receive on the tongue at a Novus Ordo mass when I attend.

4. Do you have a tattoo?
I have thought about how to invest in a tattoo removal business once time has changed the look of many tattoos out there now.

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?
Oh, caught me on my obsession and an area hard for me to downsize. Presently in our tight temporary quarters, I deliberately selected only the Blue Willow pattern I love

It makes me happy and it keeps things simple. 
In total I probably own over 200 plates(big, little, in between, china, platic and corelle), including a china set given to me by my husband's grandmother, Mary.
I have some special occasion plates, some every day, some left from our wedding pattern (after 26 years and six kids - although I am quite clumsy myself - most have not survived).
I did give ten to Max to have for his new apartment...

6. Do you have an accent?
I don't think so, maybe some from the north may think so, but I'd describe my accent as generally generically  southern. I don't use too many southern or hick phrases, except "y'all," which gives me away every time.

Go see Kendra's and others' answers...
And have a great week!


  1. I'm in League City just south of Houston! I found you through Answer Me This. And I love that picture with Fr. Brendan. Where is there an FSSP Parish in Houston?

    1. Oh! Please come visit our parish!
      We are hosted by St Elizabeth Ann Seton now, while we raise funds to build on 40 acres inside the beltway between 290 & 249.
      Email me with any questions!

  2. Mary, I have the same blue willow plates! You have a beautiful family, happy I found your blog. The loss of Fr. Walker is such a tragedy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Christina!

  3. I am the third person on Kendra's link up who loves Blue Willow! So, yeah, I love your taste. Dishes are a weakness of mine as well :)