Thursday, June 26, 2014

Theme Thursday - Swim

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Everyone in my family has always been drawn to water. 
Most of my kids learned to swim as they were learning to walk.
Euly here:

We've had a secret wish to build an amusement park in our backyard so we've had various water fun throughout the years. 
We used an old pump to turn our Georgia pool into a wave/ splash pool.

and later turned our playground into a water slip-and-slide.

For this summer, we have a pool to use daily, I'm hoping to get Lilly up to speed swimming. 
She doesn't like to get her face wet and go under, but wants to be in the pool all day long. 
I think learning to swim is natural and most kids learn the basics by watching each other and trying out at their own pace.
She'll get there soon.

Ceci on the other hand has been swimming like a fish:


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Making me wish I had a big pool!

  2. Beautiful! What a great way to have fun as a family!