Thursday, June 19, 2014

Theme Thursday returns! The official unofficial sport of summer

We are still in TKD classes, since I participate in class, I don't have a chance to take any pictures.

I know grainy nighttime phone photos aren't a lot of fun, except we have had so much fun with our nightly swims, I have to keep trying to capture a photo worth sharing.

So for Theme Thursday- Sports theme, 
I submit the sport: Water Play including limitless rounds of Marco Polo, underwater flips: forward and backwards, jumping, splashing, uncontrolled yelling outbursts of joy, and free style swimming of all forms.

The unofficial sport of summer.

Go visit Cari for the exciting return of Theme Thursday and pick out themes to capture and join in the fun.
TT Jn:Jl14


  1. Oh I wish I had access to a nice pool like that! Love night swimming. (The song and the activity.)

    1. I forgot about that song. I love it too, especially not having to deal with sunburn!

  2. Night swimming is my favorite. Also the song. These pictures make me want to go swimming!