Thursday, June 19, 2014

The pretty,happy,funny,real while Moving

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Most of the month of June so far, we have been moving out of our home of the past eight years into temporary arrangements (while we wait for the next phase of life to begin).

The transition is going well so far.

There are many beautiful features about our home that I will miss. I loved the beauty looking out the front door.
And out the back...
 The back yard is so beautiful and green, and now very changed with the removal of the play scape. 
My husband thought we should handle dismantling it ourselves, which we did with no problems. 
It's the reassembly that has me a little nervous.

On our last walk through, 
 Lilly sitting in the very clean and very empty kitchen.

 It is a beautiful home that someone else will now enjoy and experience their lives in.

Regular life had to continue during moving days, and we kept our scheduled appt with Nick's ortho to get the braces off. He says eating is a pleasant experience once again (not having to deal with braces getting in the way and snagging food in the brackets).

Happy to be free of the braces, and now off to deal with enamel issues.

These two thoroughly enjoyed our home, in and out all day long. 
They love water and are now enjoying the pool at our temporary residence.
I know they will miss this a little.

Ceci took a trip down memory lane to see how big she has grown compared to imprints made in the concrete. She measures her hands to Nick's when we had left over concrete after patio installed three years ago.

 Lilly's then and now:

Max's handprint in 2011
Bye house, you've been a great shelter and loving retreat for our family

We are adjusting to the tighter spaces with relative ease. The great thing about non home ownership: free time, no yard work chores, really all chores are less since we are dealing with less stuff and less space.

Our dining room, school room table abuts the pantry (since a family of eight needs more pantry space than built in). It will work for us for now.

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