Saturday, June 14, 2014

Moving: Little Lessons in Detachment

We are moving, which for our family isn't shocking news, as this will be our thirteenth move in our twenty six year marriage. But it is new in that it is the first voluntary, not job relocation, our own choice move in many years and the first move in the memories and experiences of my three youngest kiddos.

Letting go and deciding to sell our home involved lots of prayer and a willful detachment, with pains similar to a heart ache. I remind myself: it is just a house, a material thing. But my heart reminds me this is much more than a building, it has been our home and place where have lived in and loved in for these past eight years. Lilly was born while we lived here. Max and Molly finished homeschooling and graduated high school while we lived here. Major life goals and experiences happened in this beautiful haven.

I love so many things about my house, the location on the street, the abundance of the color green and lively nature in my backyard, the layout and style of the house. It has fit us well. 

We wanted to change how we lived, how we spent our time. Out family is changing.

Also, our area is changing, as the "energy sector" comes to change the country living feel to more of reality of living in the city,  although still 45 miles from downtown,  also traffic nightmares, lots of people and problems community growth without adequate planning, so in the spirit of Pa Ingalls, we decided to move on, move out further.  

We aren't sure if that is going to even be the case,  but we do have a deadline to get out of here. We will worry about where to after we get past these next two weeks. Everything still may fall into place in perfect timing. Time will tell.

A good opportunity to put into practice my word for the year: abandonment to God's Will. 

Now I am cleaning out all the stuffs that eight people have accumulated to fill this large house. There is a lot of stuffs, we are a homeschooling family with lots of paper and books to organize. Everyone of us has activities and hobbies with lots of parts. Too much stuff and not enough time to dejunking too much right now. I have made four trips to the local charity drop off and another load to go today and the next most likely. 

Living in a material world, we have and need material things. We are like most Americans, we have much more than we need, and it is scary how mountains of it slips into the house and gets stuffed somewhere. We haven't lived in a house longer than three years at a time before, and it is astounding how much stuff we are sorting from accumulation over eight years.

So we have to find a place for our stuff and a place for our people, apparently we have a lot of those too! While we wait about our "dream" home, we are renting short term and storing the rest of our belongings.
Not my house, but it could be.
Well, we have four more kids and years of accumulation.

We are going through a normal period of mourning for this house, these neighbors, this way of life, these years of our family life together. Each of us have different things we love about it, and it breaks my heart to see my children in any pains.

But, I tell myself it is a good lesson in material detachment to have life changes. 
---Lilly interrupted that thought, came in crying that she couldn't jump on the trampoline because dad took it down.--- Lots of changes happening around here this week.  Some hard, some exciting. We decided to pause and look at the life we were living and ask hard questions: if it is the place we want to be, how we want to raise our children, how we spend our time, how we want to experience life during these precious years, how we focus on our dreams and goals, and more.

To start simplifying, Craig devised a system to keep personal items in the rental to a minimum:  everyone has their own blue box. What they bring and will need will have to fit in the blue box (hanging clothes, school books and computers excluded). To be honest, it's a good size box.

I'm waiting for the last minute to see how much I can cut down to fit in my blue box. 

It is a freeing and exciting experience mixed with worries and doubt. All the more reason to place all of it and all of us at the foot of the Cross and seek His Will in our lives.


  1. Thanks for opening up about is really where we are too. Thinking about how our family lives, spends their time. You guys are all in our prayers during this transition and know that you can always call if you need something, or just drop by of you want. :)

  2. Moving 13 times in 26 years sounds like a lot. Some might say that you have already master the art of moving. But after reading your post, it is harder than I thought. I realized that moving from one house to another is a tough experience, not because of the packing and cleaning task, but the thought of leaving the house that you've loved for years. Anyway, I hope you have packed all of your belongings, so you can start shipping them to your new house.

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging